Negro Leagues Cannot be Forgotten Says Baseball Greats

February 28 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Dennis J. Freeman            Compton-Negro League Baseball will not be forgotten. But there are some former big league stars who want to make sure the players and their contributions to the sport will not be left behind. This past weekend all-time baseball greats Maury Wills, “Sweet” Lou Johnson, Al Downing, […]


Black Colleges Take Part in Annual MLB Urban Invitational

February 26 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Dennis J. Freeman Compton-African Americans has always had a hand in the sport of baseball. From the likes of Negro League stars such as Cool “Papa” Bell to the great Satchel Paige, African Americans have always starred in America’s pastime sport. Today, baseball has almost become an afterthought to […]

Monday's Meditation

Under the Hill…Valentine’s Day Massacres

February 24 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Angela N. Parker I was clicking through news stories on-line when I found a festive little piece about the Iranian government banning Valentine’s Day for being “too westernized.” Now, they aren’t the first to try and drive a stake through this cutesy “arrow-slinging” cupid beast.  Every year you’ll find […]

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Kobe Bryant is king of Los Angeles

February 22 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Hollywood-The finality of the 2011 NBA All-Star weekend fittingly belonged to Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. In a weekend of star gathering around the NBA’s annual players’ showcase game, Kobe Bryant showed why he is the biggest star of them all. Yes, Kanye West made his way here.

Red, White & Blue

Olympian Rafer Johnson Connects With Special Olympics

February 16 Dennis J. Freeman 1

By Dennis J. Freeman Studio City-For Olympic gold medalist Rafer Johnson, giving back is the right thing to do. If fact, the 1960 Olympic decathlon winner declares that reaching back to help others should be a no-brainer for anyone who had help themselves along their own life’s journey. Growing up […]


Dazzle of Curly Neal and Harlem Globetrotters not Forgotten

February 10 Dennis J. Freeman 1

By Dennis J. Freeman Black History Month Feature        The NBA would not be where it is today without the contributions to the sport of basketball by the likes of Fred “Curley” Neal and the Harlem Globetrotters.  The Harlem Globetrotters is one of just six teams inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall […]


States Easing Restrictions Against Ex-Convicts

February 6 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Kenneth J. Cooper America’s Wire  States across the country are passing laws intended to make ex-offenders more likely to find jobs and, as a result, less prone to commit crime again. Behind the legislative trend is an unusual combination of budget-conscious officials seeking to trim prison populations and activists […]


Black Jockeys Made Their Mark in American History

February 4 Dennis J. Freeman 0 Black History Month Feature The famous Kentucky Derby wouldn’t be what it is today without the contributions of black jockeys. Horse racing itself wouldn’t be where it is without the services of black men making history when they dominated the sport. And yet acknowledgement of their place in history […]


Remembering the Life and Murder of Emmett Till

February 3 Dennis J. Freeman 1

By Dennis J. Freeman Black History Month Feature We can never forget of the anguish and terror Mamie Till Mobley felt as she went through the horrific details of identifying the body of her 14-year-old son, Emmett Till. It is in those details that should serve as a constant […]


Black Country Music Singer Miko Marks Blazing a Trail

February 2 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Dennis J. Freeman Black History Month Feature African Americans in country music in many ways remain as somewhat novelty items today as they did when the harmonica-playing Deford Bailey left his imprint with the Grand Ole Opry in the 1920s. Sure, there have been sprinkles of African Americans […]

Red, White & Blue

Ed Temple is Tennessee State University’s Black Gold

February 2 Dennis J. Freeman 1

By Dennis J. Freeman Black History Month Feature Retired Tennessee State University coach Ed Temple still hasn’t received his due as one of the all-time great coaches in track and field. It’s time that he did. If it wasn’t for Temple, Wilma Rudolph would not have become the first […]