Track Star Monica Cabbler Shares the Gift of Giving

Former track and field star Monica Cabbler is making things happen with young people./Dennis J. Freeman/
Former track and field star Monica Cabbler is making things happen with young people./Dennis J. Freeman/

By Dennis J. Freeman

Former track and field star Monica Cabbler has always believed in nurturing the mind, body and soul. The former University of Georgia long and triple jumper is putting that old adage to work as a sports marketing consultant, wellness guru and education advocate these days.

Whether it’s sitting in corporate meetings as the president and CEO of Cabbler and Associates, ministering and feeding the homeless or reading to elementary school students, Cabbler believes in the purpose of well-being.

That starts with being healthy, said Cabbler.

“My passion, community-wise, has always been health and wellness, kid’s fitness and really tackling the childhood obesity epidemic,” Cabbler told “That’s a real heart-hugger of mine. While I teach young people and try to instill in them how to make fitness fun, I am also educating the parent on how to work it.”

An 11-time USA National Championship track and field finalist and Olympic Trials qualifier from 1996 to 2004, Cabbler might be considered as someone who knows how to work it well from a physical standpoint.

She also knows how to work it from a business standpoint, collaborating with other high-profile athletes, celebrities and company executives in reaching back to help those in need.

She parlays her position as a marketing strategist to form alliances and partnerships to donate computers to local schools. At least once a week, Cabbler can be found in the heart of downtown Los Angeles on Skid Row with As One Charity, handing out clothing, food and personal hygiene utensils to those living on the streets.

Monica Cabbler looks forward to going down to Skid Row every week and helping the needy with As One Charity./Dennis J. Freeman/

And as a model and public spokeswoman, Cabbler finds time to participate in events geared to broaden the scope of young people. Whether it’s speaking to them about embracing the latest technology or showing up for celebrity reading events, Cabbler pays her dues in the give back department.

Cabbler, who often graces  the red carpet scene as beautifully as any of Hollywood’s leading starlets,   sees what she’s doing as an obligation as someone who have been fortunate to come as far as she has. Cabbler has been able to do that by lining up with companies like Alliance for Digital Equality to increase awareness of a new way of learning for young folks that has now gone digital.

“I think allowing young people the opportunity to be exposed and educated with technology now…without it they’re crippled,” Cabbler said. “Often times in minority communities, there is a huge disparity, so it’s almost like they’re not even equipped to be eligible for the funding, the college applications…all these processes are done online.

“If they’re not equipped with the resources, then they’re set behind before they’re even lining up (for college). It’s an unfair advantage. If I’m in position to bless people with resources in education through an organization, then that’s a blessing for me. I try to align myself with people and companies that can allow that platform.”

There are many folks who work their way to the top and give back as Cabbler does. But they probably don’t have that arresting smile of sincerity and possess the angelic caring attribute as Cabbler does. This is what she is about.  She began Cabbler and Associates while in college.  She hooked up with fellow athletes and provided marketing strategies for them.

The former NCAA All-American has since broadened that platform of helping others understand their own path to a fruitful and meaningful life. Cabbler considers her Christian faith and her business aspirations as keys to her success to connect with others.

“Over my years, I’ve been blessed with so many resources and people who have truly looked out for me in so many ways,” Cabbler said. So now, if I’m in a position to do the same-then that’s what I’m doing.”

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