NAACP Leader Was A Giant Among Men

Heroes sometimes relinquish their immortal status and become human. Once they become human they become mortal like the rest of us and end up succumbing to fleshly beginnings and endings. But in between, those men and women who validate their existence here on earth by saving lives and dedicate themselves […]

Red, White & Blue

U.S. Volleyball Team Looking for Gold

Anaheim, CA-Age is nothing but a number for USA women’s volleyball member Danielle Scott-Arruda. At the ripe age of 39, Scott-Arruda is two years removed from giving birth to her second child. In October, Scott-Arruda will turn 40. None of that has gotten in the way of Scott-Arruda’s desire to […]


BET AWARDS Tells Shrine Bye-Bye

With all the hysteria and hype still reverberating from the 2012 BET Awards, a seismic shift for the hit urban awards show went somewhere under the radar and became largely overshadowed by all of the fuss over the big-time celebrities who showed up for the one night celebration honoring black […]


NFL Access Gets Pro Football Underway

Pasadena, CA-It is time for some football. Sure, it’s summertime in Southern California, but football-mania lives all year long. For football fans in the Los Angeles area, the gridiron season can’t come any sooner. Since the Rams and the Raiders vacated the Southland years ago, Angelinos have been playing the […]


Lakers Make a Move and Nab Steve Nash

El-Segundo-Point guard Stave Nash has made it a habit throughout his brilliant NBA career of burning the Los Angeles Lakers. One game it could be trying to contain Nash’s deft handling of the pick-and-roll that would drive the Lakers nuts. Nash’s warp speed and overall playmaking abilities have put the […]


Billy Dee Williams Does Pop Con LA

Los Angeles-Actor Billy Dee Williams is the epitome of cool. He is the walking definition of what cool should look like. Williams have made a plethora of cultural and pop films that have crossed genres and dipped over the race barrier. He has starred opposite leading ladies such as Diana […]