It’s Time for October Baseball

September 30 Tamara Latta 0

Los Angeles- The Los Angeles Dodgers has respectively concluded their 162nd regular season baseball game. But baseball isn’t officially over for the boys in blue; they earned a spot in the playoffs and will be […]

Monday's Meditation

9/11: The Day After

September 12 Dennis J. Freeman 0

I went to work on September 11, 2001, preparing for my regular workload as a sports reporter in Newport News, Virginia, like any other day. There were papers to be filed. Appointments had to be […]


Kings Fans Get Royal Treatment

September 10 Tamara Latta 0

LOS ANGELES-The LA Kings gave their fans a little treat on Sunday. They held a fan fest for ticket members and the general public at the Staples Center. The Kings kicked off their fourth annual […]


Is War Evil?….You decide.

September 4 Daryl Baskerville 0

In light of the recent developments in Syria, the question arises among many as to the morality of war. The Obama Administration has successfully withdrawn troops from Iraq, a long costly engagement to the United […]