5 Quarterbacks Who Don’t Match the Hype

Tony Romo (center), giving the backup Quarterbacks so pointers.Photo by Jevone Moore/ Full Image360/ News4usonline.com

The NFL is saturated with mediocrity at the quarterback position. Just look across the landscape, and what you see are a bunch of guys putting on their early Halloween masks as legit quarterbacks getting ready to take their franchise to the next level. Well, in the case of these five quarterbacks, going to the next level means unjustified huge salaries for average play and unequal production. Let’s begin the sideshow.

1-Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

Cutler is a full-time sodbuster with no ability of moving his team to the next level. Having a strong arm does not translate into greatness. The only thing great about Cutler is the legendary franchise he plays for. But there is nothing spectacular about Cutler. He’s never thrown for more than 28 touchdown passes in a season. He has almost as many picks as total TDs (183-130), and he’s only made two (yeah, two) playoff game appearances in nine years. When I think of Jay Cutler, I think of throwing out my trash. This cat is nothing special. The Chicago Bears get what they deserve after signing Cutler through the 2020 season. That’s not saying a whole lot considering Cutler doesn’t do a whole lot.

Chargers rookie Melvin Ingram tries to impede a pass from Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.
Chargers rookie Melvin Ingram tries to impede a pass from Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

2-Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Excuse me, Mr. Dink and Dunk, but the Atlanta Falcons will always be Michael Vick’s team. Unless Ryan rips off a Super Bowl or two, he is just renting out the property he was handed. The soul of the Atlanta Falcons still belongs to Vick. What’s going on now with Ryan since he took over the reins as the franchise quarterback has been nothing to write home to momma about. Out of five playoff games he has managed to lead the Falcons to, Ryan has won only one postseason game. For a guy who signed a $103 million contract in 2013, that’s just not going to get it done. Besides, the NFC South Division now belongs to Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

3-Sam Bradford, Philadelphia Eagles

So Chip Kelly gets rid of Michael Vick for this bum? Two torn ACLs and a flatline professional career later, Sam Bradford is the perfect picture of overcompensation and overhype. I keep hearing these so-called football experts praising him for his potential. For what? This guy is toast, a pure wasteland of talent. Everyone jumps on Michael Vick for being injury-prone, while they give a pass to Bradford, who only finished with 16 games under his belt  in two of his five seasons with the St. Louis Rams. He won’t last too long in the NFC East either. And that will be the end of the Chip Kelly experiment. Good night and good riddance to the Riley Cooper sympathizer.

4-Nick Foles, St. Louis Rams

Average quarterback with an average arm will results in an average record for this Rams team. The people of St. Louis deserve better. And for sure, if the Rams move to Inglewood, California, like a lot of people are predicting, they had better get some star power behind center. Foles is not answer. The only thing Foles has done is play one season with great numbers that caught of defenses by surprise. He won’t be surprising the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers’ defensive units. Remember, in Chip Kelly’s offense last year, Foles got thumped by the 49ers. The Eagles were hammered by the Seahawks as well. Now Foles has to face both teams twice in the same season for the next two years. Nick the Trick will discover that this isn’t the weak NFC East.

5-Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Every year for the past 12 seasons, Tony Romo has put up good numbers, but has failed to take the Cowboys deep into the postseason. Every year, for some reason, the idiots who call themselves experts at the game, predict that Romo and the Cowboys are Super Bowl-bound. Every year, those forecasts turn out to be inaccurate. Going into his 13th season, Romo has turned out to be all hype. For a dozen years, Romo has gotten away with teasing Cowboys fans through the regular season, only to drop the cache once the postseason arrives. He is just 2-4 in the postseason, and has only made it to the second round twice. Now in the twilight of his career, it is time for the Cowboys to kill the Romo hype and start looking for another franchise quarterback.

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