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News4usonline.com is a sports and community-driven news website with a dash of urban flavor. We focus on stories and multimedia news that look like us, represents us and inform us of what’s happening in our communities. Us means anyone that is part of the human race.
We are not trying to be a copycat to what is already out there on the Internet. We generate news that is a bit odd and different than from from what you see anywhere else.
We can write about what Chris Paul  and the LA Clippers making a title run in one breath while at the same time cover the subject of human trafficking in one fell swoop.  While we point out that former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was once the baddest man on the planet we also highlight a wide-range of topics such as health, education and stinging commentary.
News4usonline.com is all about us: our past, our present and our future.

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