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OKC Defeat Clippers in Game 3

May 10 Tamara Latta 0

  Los Angeles—The Los Angeles Clippers missed out on a golden opportunity; a chance to control the series with a victory over Oklahoma City just went out the window.All season long Clippers coach Doc Rivers have preached […]

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A Game 7 Worth Remembering

May 4 Tamara Latta 0

LOS ANGELES—In the end, the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t let the distractions stop them from prevailing to win the Western Conference first round series against the Golden State Warriors of the NBA playoffs. It has […]

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Clippers Disrupt Warriors’ Strategy

April 22 Tamara Latta 1

  Los Angeles—After a disappointing loss against the Warriors in their first playoff game, the Clippers sent Golden State an abrupt message. It was all about the Clippers from start to finish. Blake Griffin had a monstrous […]


BYU Advances to Sweet 16

March 26 Tamara Latta 0

LOS ANGELES—It was a celebration for BYU when the buzzer sounded at Pauley Pavilion. Morgan Bailey and Jennifer Hamson used their athleticism to help eliminate Nebraska 80-76 on Monday night at Pauley Pavilion. Bailey lead all scorers with […]


Nebraska Handles Fresno State

March 23 Tamara Latta 0

LOS ANGELES—It wasn’t a flawless performance by Nebraska, but a win is a win and the Cornhuskers played worthy enough to advance to the second round of the NCAA women’s tournament. Big Ten Player of […]


Dodgers’ Gordon Competes for PT

March 10 Tamara Latta 0

Phoenix—Dee Gordon has turned his baseball game up a notch and is more than ready to take over the full-time job at second base. The Dodgers signed Alex Guerrero to a four-year, $28 million dollar contract with high […]

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Clippers Tire Against Spurs

February 19 Tamara Latta 0

LOS ANGELES—The Clippers weren’t quite ready to face the first place Southwest Division Spurs on Tuesday night at the Staples Center. Blake Griffin had his usual performance scoring 35 points and 12 rebounds, but the […]


Clippers’ Paul a Happy Camper

February 13 Tamara Latta 0

Los Angeles—The Clippers point guard Chris Paul is all smiles heading into the All-Star break. It wasn’t an easy 122-117 victory Wednesday night against the Trailblazers, but Paul was deluged with happiness after his team […]

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Clippers Keep it Rolling

February 11 Tamara Latta 0

Los Angeles—Blake Griffin continued his magnificent all around performance on the court. He finished the game with 26 points, 11 rebounds and six assists in the inhospitable 123-78 win over the Philadelphia 76ers Sunday. It […]

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Clippers Rising to Expectations

January 31 Tamara Latta 0

The Clippers are learning to play without Chris Paul. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have. Paul’s teammate has been beyond prolific in his absence. Who would […]


Clippers Cope Without Paul

January 10 Tamara Latta 0

Los Angeles—Blake Griffin and teammates will have to find ways to adapt to life without Chris Paul. It’s never a good feeling when your best player is sidelined for six weeks due to a shoulder […]

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Clippers turn up the volume

December 19 Tamara Latta 0

Los Angeles—The Clippers showed a different side of their team on Monday night at the Staples Center.We don’t get to see impeccable performances from teams very often; the Clippers played one of their best games […]

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Clippers Still Finding Their Way

December 4 Tamara Latta 0

Los Angeles–The Clippers lackadaisical ways are costing them important wins. The red hot Indiana Pacers invaded the Staples Center on Sunday beating Los Angeles by five points. It was a gutsy win and could have gone […]

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Jamal Crawford Gives Clippers Boost

November 13 Tamara Latta 0

It’s a luxury to have a player like Jamal Crawford on your team who’s not panic-stricken to take a bizarre shot. On Sunday night, the Minnesota Timberwolves must have forgotten that Crawford is an offensive scoring […]


It’s Time for October Baseball

September 30 Tamara Latta 0

Los Angeles- The Los Angeles Dodgers has respectively concluded their 162nd regular season baseball game. But baseball isn’t officially over for the boys in blue; they earned a spot in the playoffs and will be […]


Kings Fans Get Royal Treatment

September 10 Tamara Latta 0

LOS ANGELES-The LA Kings gave their fans a little treat on Sunday. They held a fan fest for ticket members and the general public at the Staples Center. The Kings kicked off their fourth annual […]


Puig, Dodgers Prove to be Legit

July 29 Tamara Latta 0

Yasiel Puig goes  Hollywood in front of a sold-out crowd at Dodgers Stadium with walk-off home run Los Angeles-In the bottom of the 11th inning with two outs on the scoreboard, Yasiel Puig hit a […]


Win or Go Home

May 2 Tamara Latta 0

Los Angeles-The Los Angeles Clippers are going to Memphis with their backs against the wall. If they fail to win Game 6 Friday night, they’ll be eliminated from the Western Conference Playoffs. It’s been a […]