The ‘Hunter Gatherer’ awakens AFI Fest

November 14 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Hollywood-A good film is hard to come by these days. That’s never an issue with the annual American Film Institute’s showcase film festival. The AFI Fest 2016 begins the onslaught of movies, shorts and animation worthy to considered for awards and platitudes all the way up to the Academy Awards. […]


Runway Rules Style Fashion Week LA

November 4 Dennis J. Freeman 0

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA-Early October, I decided to cover an event that I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time or the expertise in the field to do it. Attending Style Fashion Week Los Angeles was an eye-opener for me. The world of fashion is a whole different world […]


Special Needs Network’s 11th Annual Evening under the Stars

November 1 Marie Lemelle 0

LOS ANGELES-Attorney Areva Martin wears many crowns: as the partner and co-founder of Martin & Martin LLP; a recurring guest host on the Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show “The Doctors;” the author of “The Everyday Advocate: How to Stand Up for Your Autistic Child;” president and co-founder of the non-profit […]


The soul sound evolution of Niki J. Crawford

September 28 Dennis J. Freeman 0

This is the first article of a three-part series feature on blues and soul singer Niki J. Crawford NORTH HOLLYWOOD-World renowned singer Jeffrey Osborne once said his father told him that if he couldn’t sing a whole in an “A” note, he couldn’t sing. Niki J. Crawford doesn’t have that […]


Fox makes the right ‘Pitch’ with new show

September 16 Dennis J. Freeman 0

LOS ANGELES-Girl power rocks. Female empowerment rule. Get used to it. The inevitable will soon become undeniable. Pro sports is a part of this equation. The day of women actually competing against men at the professional level in sports may not happen now, but can it be that far off? […]


Colin Kaepernick’s powerful protest

September 5 Dennis J. Freeman 0

SAN DIEGO-By most accounts, the modern athlete don’t go around making noise about social issues. They know the consequences if they do. The endorsement money will dry up. Sponsorship money will disappear. Backlash will become their best friend. They are to play ball, shut their mouths and get paid. Their […]


A letter to my brother

August 2 Dennis J. Freeman 2

Hey, I miss you. I really don’t know what there is to say other than that. Not a day goes by without you crossing my mind in some form of another. My good days are when I am able to think of you without crying. On my bad days, I […]


Dropping the mic on Trumpism

Drop the mic. One of President Barack Obama’s greatest strengths has been his audacity to hope. He brought that hope to Philadelphia as he spoke at the Democratic National Committee Convention as the party’s leader. He also brought with him a dash of scorn and a scoop of rebuke for […]


Michelle Obama’s Democratic TKO

First Lady Michelle Obama did what no other individual has been able to do to Donald Trump: she knocked him out. It didn’t take all night for her to do it, either. In less than 20 minutes, Mrs. Obama connected with a couple of Mike Tyson uppercuts that put Trump […]


Q&A: The Re-Segregation of America

EDITOR’S NOTE: After Mitt Romney’s defeat in 2012, the Republican Party determined that it needed to connect with the nation’s increasingly diverse electorate. But two years earlier, writes author Dave Daley in his new book Ratf**ked (Liveright), GOP strategists had already embarked on a strategy to win control of Congress […]


Bringing the food to LA

LOS ANGELES-Yes, it’s going down at the LA Food Fest. There’s going to be food and more food. And not just any kind of food. How about some of the best that Los Angeles has to offer. That’s what’s going down this weekend with the LA Food Fest. If you […]


SpeedMaker takes training to the next level

June 24 Brandon Craig 0

The SpeedMaker is one of a kind. One of the things that I like about the design of the SpeedMaker is that it looks and feels like something a professional athlete should wear and use when in training at all times. The first time I tried on the SpeedMaker, as […]


Muhammad Ali: Always the Greatest

The BAD Man is now resting in peace. When I grew up, the loudest and most bodacious sports voice I heard was that of Muhammad Ali. Ali was something else. He meant a lot of things to a lot of people. To me, Ali was this bigger than life figure […]


Justice served for Grim Sleeper

LOS ANGELES-It’s been a long time coming for Porter and Mary Alexander. Their daughter, Alicia “Monique” Alexander, was permanently taken away from them in 2005, the victim of a ruthless and callous murder. The sting of losing 18-year-old Alicia has not gone away. Even justice can’t make the anguish disappear. […]