Monday's Meditation

Colin Kaepernick’s Buster Smack

January 31 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Colin Kaepernick is a buster. I don’t like busters. Kaepernick is a buster for many reasons. First, he’s a buster for openly mocking Cam Newton’s Superman touchdown celebration in this year’s NFC’s divisional game. That […]

Monday's Meditation

A Lesson From Nelson Mandela

December 14 News4usonline News 0

Wells Fargo could learn a better value system from the former South African President By Tammi Lang Campbell Let’s respect ourselves and demand it from others. Former South African President Mandela taught us about respect, honor […]

Monday's Meditation

Why I Became an Afrofuturist

November 18 News4usonline News 0

By Stafford L. Battle When I tell people I am an AFROFuturist, I usually get a blank stare. Then, there is the polite question: “What is AFROFuturism?” I explain that AFROFuturism is not a religion […]

Monday's Meditation

The Epitome of Hypocrisy… Obamacare

October 18 News4usonline News 0

Guest commentary provided by Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. To all who ever doubted the callous, inhumane mentality of the Barack Obama administration, this recent revelation of Obamacare should remove any uncertainty. I could be […]

Monday's Meditation

9/11: The Day After

September 12 Dennis J. Freeman 0

I went to work on September 11, 2001, preparing for my regular workload as a sports reporter in Newport News, Virginia, like any other day. There were papers to be filed. Appointments had to be […]

Monday's Meditation

The Ghost of Oscar Grant

August 12 Dennis J. Freeman 0

(Editor’s note: This article and others that follow the next couple of days re-visit the criminal trial of the Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Oscar Grant on New […]

Monday's Meditation

A Summer of Decisions

The NBA’s free agency market will get popping less than a month away. A lot of hard decisions will have to be made. For both the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, a lot […]

Monday's Meditation

Monday Quarterback: Clipper Nation

LOS ANGELES-Futility and apathy used to describe the Los Angeles Clippers. Not anymore. These days the potential for greatness is now synonymous with the NBA franchise that once provided late night fodder for up and […]