Monday's Meditation

Selma is today

March 23 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Suppressive voting rights efforts. Open racial taunts. Young black men losing their lives to law enforcement. Nonviolent demonstrators march nationwide for justice. States viewing the federal government as meddling outsiders. Where have we seen this […]

Monday's Meditation

5 Lingering Ferguson Questions

August 26 Dennis J. Freeman 0

  Now what, Ferguson? With Michael Brown’s funeral being a public spectacle in that it signals closure to another racial episode in this country, the looming questions beckons some answers. Now that we’ve seen civil […]

Monday's Meditation

Americans Should Sue Congress

Everybody in America knows by now that House Speaker John Boehner is threatening to sue President Obama. Perhaps it is time that the people of the United States sue Boehner and the rest of the […]

Monday's Meditation

The Price of Race

A white man may not be able to jump, but he sure as heck knows how to get paid. Steve Kerr, the new Golden States Warriors head basketball coach, can vouch for that. Mark Jackson, […]

Monday's Meditation

Something Bigger Than the Game

April 29 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Some things are bigger than a basketball game. There are more important things in life that supersedes winning a championship. If they didn’t know already, the players on the Los Angeles Clippers are discovering that […]