Monday's Meditation

Is Marco Rubio the Game-Changer for Republicans?

May 1 1

There are two aspects about Republican presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s serious consideration of Florida Senator Marco Rubio as his vice presidential running mate that bear consideration.  First there is the political analysis and then […]

Monday's Meditation

Justice Awaits for Trayvon Martin

March 28 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The path to justice in the tragic death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is getting personal now. It wasn’t enough that neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman allegedly racially profiled, stalked, pursued, got into some sort of […]

Monday's Meditation

Penn State’s Failure to Lead

November 17 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Dennis J. Freeman Jerry Sandusky still doesn’t get it.  Going on national television and admitting he “shouldn’t have showered with those kids” and horsed around with young boys in the nude, shows Sandusky doesn’t […]

Monday's Meditation

The Feminine Mystique

September 4 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Angela N. Parker columnist I recently decided to compile some of my essays into a short book titled, Under the Hill: One Thirty-Something Woman’s Musings on Spinsterhood, Disappointment and Accidental Self Discovery. Anyone […]

Monday's Meditation

Under the Hill…The Power of No

August 1 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Angela N. Parker Columnist Dealing with your family when you enter your thirties is a tricky thing, but when you’re unmarried and childless it’s an experience like no other. For whatever reason your […]

Monday's Meditation

Under the Hill…Black Like Me

By Angela N. Parker Columnist I was watching the trailer for the upcoming documentary Dark Girls, produced by Bill Duke for Duke Media, and literally let out a loud sigh when it was over. Call […]

Monday's Meditation

Under the Hill…The Invisible Sex

By Angela N. Parker contributor I was reading a story about a man who murdered his girlfriend, their two children, and himself, in front of his girlfriend’s oldest children and my mouth literally fell […]

Monday's Meditation

Under the Hill…Petty Things

March 31 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Angela N. Parker columnist Recently a co-worker of mine, who I’ll refer to as the Q-Tip due to her big, gray afro, finally got the boot after terrorizing the office for years. The […]

Monday's Meditation

Under the Hill…The Anointed Time

By Angela N. Parker   I was watching Oprah’s two-part interview with former protégée and self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant and was riveted to the screen as Iyanla explained why she walked away from Oprah eleven years […]

Monday's Meditation

Compromised Justice

By Dennis J. Freeman Los Angeles-Anger. Rage. Disappointment. Hurt. Heartbroken. These were some of the emotions expressed from the family and friends of Oscar Grant after the jury verdict was read at the criminal trial […]