Monday's Meditation

Deception, Lies and College Sports Money Grab

March 11 Dennis J. Freeman 1

By Dennis J. Freeman   Commentary Liars. Cheats. Deceivers. Rule breakers. Getting paid well for it and getting away with it. It’s too bad that college athletes don’t have a say in getting their share of the large economic pie that now consumes college sports.   It’s time to smell the […]

Monday's Meditation

Under the Hill…The Anointed Time

By Angela N. Parker   I was watching Oprah’s two-part interview with former protégée and self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant and was riveted to the screen as Iyanla explained why she walked away from Oprah eleven years ago to do her own show with Barbara Walters. Since then Iyanla has fallen on […]

Monday's Meditation

Under the Hill…Valentine’s Day Massacres

February 24 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Angela N. Parker I was clicking through news stories on-line when I found a festive little piece about the Iranian government banning Valentine’s Day for being “too westernized.” Now, they aren’t the first to try and drive a stake through this cutesy “arrow-slinging” cupid beast.  Every year you’ll find […]

Monday's Meditation

Compromised Justice

By Dennis J. Freeman Los Angeles-Anger. Rage. Disappointment. Hurt. Heartbroken. These were some of the emotions expressed from the family and friends of Oscar Grant after the jury verdict was read at the criminal trial of Johannes Mehserle, the white Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officer charged with shooting […]