“Divines” a film debut worth the buzz

November 28 Dennis J. Freeman 0

HOLLYWOOD-The choices we make can either help us or derail us. The AFI Fest 2016 showcase of films, animation and movie shorts had plenty of good theatrical releases for people to view during its annual run early in November. The French film “Divines,” considered one of the festival’s best, outlines […]


The ‘Hunter Gatherer’ awakens AFI Fest

November 14 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Hollywood-A good film is hard to come by these days. That’s never an issue with the annual American Film Institute’s showcase film festival. The AFI Fest 2016 begins the onslaught of movies, shorts and animation worthy to considered for awards and platitudes all the way up to the Academy Awards. […]


AFI Fest: An Unforgettable Experience

November 6 Dennis J. Freeman 0

  HOLLYWOOD-Attending the American Film Institute’s annual celebration of theater is one of the best events you could hope to attend. The AFI Fest, which showcases spectacular international films, movie shorts and many top-line documentaries, is a week of movie madness at its best. It’s chaotic. It’s fun. It can […]