Worst States For Black Americans in The U.S.A

The Civil Rights Movement offered hope that racial inequality would soon end. The movement led to a series of reforms, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and other legislation, known together as the Great Society. Over the following 50 years, however, further advances have been modest at best. […]


White Killers Go To Burger King: Race, Planned Parenthood and Our Diseased White Privilege

White shooters live and maybe get a Whopper on the way to jail. Black suspects don’t get the same royal treatment. Robert Lewis Dear is not the only white man to have used this unique and near exclusive type of privilege in American society. James Eagan Holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 in a mass […]

Jason Collins at work. Credit: Washington Wizards
Monday's Meditation

Collins’ Announcement No Jackie Robinson Moment

Jackie Robinson didn’t have the option of playing it safe. Jason Collins did. Robinson could not go into his closet and take off his blackness when he became the first black American to break Major League Baseball’s color barrier as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. While Robinson feared for his safety and […]

Unlike members of the Freedom Riders, shown here at the Uban Issues Forum in Los Angeles earlier this year, many black Americans are moving back to the South./Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman

Blacks Are Moving Back South

The Great Migration has now reversed course. Black Americans are now flocking back to the South, a place where they battled historic racism and bigotry, the home of the Confederate Flag. That may or may not be a good thing for this country. The latest U.S. Census Bureau report, based on 2010 data show  black Americans […]

Deven D. Anderson, senior program associate for Black Youth Vote!, said young black Americans are being hit hard by the downturn of the economy./Photo Courtesy of Deven D. Anderson

Black Youth + Poverty – Jobs = Screwed

Op-Ed written by Deven D. Anderson, Black Youth Vote!-Source: PRNewswire It’s a critical time in America. The recession has been tough, especially for young Black Americans. With an unemployment rate for young Black males over 18 percent, young Black men are still hemorrhaging and the people we put in office to represent us are just […]

AT&T Staffing Manager Angela Green gives a job seeker some points on applying for employment./Dennis J. Freeman

Black Caucus Job Fair Misses Mark

Congressional Black Caucus members receive an “A” for show, hype and effort in producing a series of nationwide job fairs geared to highlight the high numbers of black Americans out of work. Touting their “For the People Jobs Initiative,” the CBC, however, receive incomplete verdicts when it actually comes down to producing the number of […]

Rev. Dr. William Barber is leading the fight against those who seek to suppress voting rights of people in the black community and people of color./Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman

Standing Alone for Justice

Rev. Dr. William Barber II has been arrested many times. He’s been hit up with death threats.  Ugly verbal assaults and over-the-top criticism of his stance on education, unemployment rates, voting rights and high levels of incarceration of black folks only motivate Barber to continue to do his work as a man of God and […]