Tag: Civil Rights Movement

Selma is today

| March 23, 2015 | Dennis J. Freeman | 0

Suppressive voting rights efforts. Open racial taunts. Young black men losing their lives to law enforcement. Nonviolent demonstrators march nationwide for justice. States viewing the…Read More

The Power of ‘Selma’

| February 23, 2015 | Dennis J. Freeman | 0

The beauty of Paramount Pictures richly told civil rights drama “Selma” is not only the re-telling of a historical part of America’s darkened past but…Read More

Remembering our Blackness

| March 3, 2014 | Dennis J. Freeman | 0

African Americans have lost their blackness. As a race, the identity crisis of this group people shifted somewhere in the early and mid-70s and never…Read More

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