photo credit: "Negro drinking at 'Colored' water cooler in streetcar terminal, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma" ca. July 1939 via photopin (license)

Breaking down beliefs of racial hierarchy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Fifty years ago, the Civil Rights Movement led to a series of laws banning public discrimination.  African Americans were no longer barred from certain restaurants, some schools were integrated and fair housing laws created more living options.  But today, it’s clear that court rulings and legislation didn’t change the root cause of […]

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America and Race: What would King do?

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today would his words be enough to save America from a pending racial implosion? From the looks of things, this country is firmly on the path to one big racial meltdown. The post-racist climate some people assumed that we would have after President Barack Obama took office, […]

Emmett Till shares a happy moment with his mother, Mamie Till.

Revisiting the Life and Murder of Emmett Till

We can never forget of the anguish and terror Mamie Till Mobley felt as she went through the horrific details of identifying the body of her 14-year-old son, Emmett Till. It is in those details that should serve as a constant reminder what it was like to be black and living in America when the […]

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Selma is today

Suppressive voting rights efforts. Open racial taunts. Young black men losing their lives to law enforcement. Nonviolent demonstrators march nationwide for justice. States viewing the federal government as meddling outsiders. Where have we seen this picture? Is this still 1965? No, but there a lot of people who believe this country is on course to […]

Background left to right: Tessa Thompson plays Diane Nash, Omar Dorsey plays James Orange, Colman Domingo plays Ralph Abernathy, David Oyelowo plays Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., André Holland plays Andrew Young, Corey Reynolds plays Rev. C.T. Vivian, and Lorraine Toussaint plays Amelia Boynton in SELMA, from Paramount Pictures, Pathé, and Harpo Films.
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The Power of ‘Selma’

The beauty of Paramount Pictures richly told civil rights drama “Selma” is not only the re-telling of a historical part of America’s darkened past but the powerful film let’s us in on a long-held, not-so-quiet secret: The Civil Right Movement was bigger than one man. One of the mythic injustices about the era has been the […]

Los Angeles CLippers owner Donald Sterling with Black Business Association President Earl "Skip" Cooper at the 2009 NAACP gala. Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman/

Sterling Mess a Black Eye for NAACP

The NAACP has become a running joke. The famed institution long known for its quest for justice has become a running comic book sideshow. The tents are up and the circus is full of clowns and laughable jokers in the midst. The fight for equality can now be bought. Breaking down the barriers of racial […]

Blake Griffin, the Los Angeles Clippers and the rest of the NBA have put their foot down against Donarld Sterling. Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman/

Clippers, NBA Players Make a Stand

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver may get the official credit for making the right call. But it was the Los Angeles Clippers and the rest of the NBA teams in the playoffs that brought down the hammer on Donald Sterling. The players flexed their collective bargaining muscle to send an emphatic message to the current Clippers’ […]

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Remembering our Blackness

African Americans have lost their blackness. As a race, the identity crisis of this group people shifted somewhere in the early and mid-70s and never came back. Once the Civil Rights Movement era claimed victory for blacks through the action of the Voting Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the dismantling […]

Emmett Till shares a happy moment with his mother, Mamie Till.
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Black History Month Retrospective…The Killing of Emmett Till

Officially known as the month of February, Black History Month has been set aside to remember the historical content of African Americans in this country. Down through the years it has been a celebratory time to acknowledge positive contributions of African Americans. Images and portraits of great leaders and history makers such as Frederick Douglass, […]

America is a better country today because of the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: A Legacy of Righteous Hope

By Dennis J. Freeman Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not bigger than his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. King’s irreplaceable presence looms no greater than the Montgomery Bus Boycott he participated in. The two historic Selma-to-Montgomery, Alabama’s marches didn’t put the Baptist minister on some sort of royalty pedestal.  Being awarded with the […]