Maxine Waters’ waging feud against President Trump

INGLEWOOD, CA-The heat just got turned up on President Donald Trump. His administration has been accused of possible collusion with Russia. Current and former allies have already been allegedly tied to corruption. He has tabbed a running war with the media and with intelligence agencies.  Lawsuits declaring his travel bans […]


Maxine Waters rocks L A Press Club forum

April 19 Dennis J. Freeman 0

LOS ANGELES-Don’t mess with auntie. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For her constituents in the 43rd District, which encompasses a large swath of South Los Angeles, Waters is the pitbull advocate they need to represent them in the House of Representatives. […]


Q&A: The Re-Segregation of America

EDITOR’S NOTE: After Mitt Romney’s defeat in 2012, the Republican Party determined that it needed to connect with the nation’s increasingly diverse electorate. But two years earlier, writes author Dave Daley in his new book Ratf**ked (Liveright), GOP strategists had already embarked on a strategy to win control of Congress […]


Biden’s Rebuke to the GOP

I served in the United States Senate for thirty-six years. I believe deeply in its traditions, in its value as an institution, and in its indispensable constitutional role in the conduct of our foreign policy. The letter sent on March 9th by forty-seven Republican Senators to the Islamic Republic of […]


Shirley Chisholm Gets Stamp

February 1 News4usonline News 0

First African-American Woman Elected to Congress Joins Popular Black Heritage Stamp Series The U.S. Postal Service paid tribute to pioneering Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm with the issuance of a limited-edition 37th Black Heritage Forever Stamp during a special ceremony at Brooklyn Borough Hall in Brooklyn, NY. The Shirley Chisholm Black Heritage Forever Stamp […]


Obama Right on Government Shutdown Stance

October 16 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The GOP is finally getting the big picture. Then again, maybe they are not. President Obama is not budging. The citizens of the United States have spoken. They are not budging either. And they are not too happy with what is going on in Congress. People see through the games […]

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The ‘House’ of No Government Return

October 3 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Man, we’ve got some real haters up in the United States Congress. The bozos we call our representatives are showing off their real colors about how they really think of the American people. It’s apparent that the House of Stupidity doesn’t give a hoot about the crisis you and the […]

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There is No Leverage with Debt Ceiling

January 7 0

The political pundits are focused like a laser on the Republican Party fissures as if those fissures are the reason the Republicans got rolled on the fiscal cliff fiasco.  The pundits are so enmeshed in Washington DC politics and conventional wisdom that they fail to see what is really happening […]

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The Real President Showed Up Tonight

October 17 0

If President Barack Obama had performed two weeks ago like he did tonight the race would be over. Tonight the President defended his record and cited the accomplishments of his administration that he has been loath to do until now.  He did not waste any time or opportunity to reminding […]

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Are We Still Cowards on Race?

August 2 Dennis J. Freeman 0

It’s time to call a spade a spade. Thanks to lapdog congressional leaders sucking up oxygen from the lack of common sense, racism has now wedged a deep spot on Capitol Hill. Racism didn’t cease to exist just because President Barack Obama was elected as our commander-in-chief four years ago. […]


Obama Stumps L.A. for Support

September 27 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The haters can hate, but President Barack Obama still has the same swag that got him elected into the White House in 2008. Heading into the 2012 presidential election year, President Obama is reminding folks these days that he hasn’t lost his mojo. Stumping for votes from Southern California supporters […]


College Football is Out of Control

August 18 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Prostitutes. Strippers. Pay-for-play scandals. Drug trafficking operations. Payoffs for athletes and their parents. Test-cheating. Coaches being enamored with warped salaries. College football and sports athletics has spun out of control. It has been out of control for a long time. Accepting a scholarship to attend school now comes with a […]