Cheer auditions get a Rams shoutout

April 12 Dennis J. Freeman 0

LOS ANGELES-Having an NFL football team back in the Los Angeles market is a big deal. Getting the Rams to come back to their home base in Southern California is an even bigger deal.  After a 21-year absence, the Los Angeles Rams have officially arrived, thanks to the franchise’s first […]


Dancers Get With the Clippers Spirit

August 4 Dennis J. Freeman 0

CULVER CITY, CA-The competition for the city’s attention has always been drawn along basketball lines. The everyday, blue-collar approach of the Los Angeles Clippers going up against the flash and dash of the Los Angeles Lakers. That has also carried over into the two teams’ dance squads. The Clippers are […]


Joining Laker Girls More Than a Dance

EL SEGUNDO-Aspiring models. Dancers. In-training actresses. College students. Professionals in just about every walk of life. They all come. They are all allured to the prospect of having the opportunity to become a member of the famed Laker Girls dance team. Every summer hundreds of women pull out their leotards […]