Unconventional fits Sy Smith’s music and style

LOS ANGELES-Sy Smith doesn’t want her creative juices to ever get stale. That’s probably the chief reason why her  musical sound defies conventionality. Smith’s music is anchored in futuristic soul. She can do the neo-soul thing. Throw in a dash of jazz, grab a pinch of R&B, find room for some […]


Spotlight: ‘Motown: The Musical’

LOS ANGELES-Start fast and end with a bang. If there is a musical or live performance you should go see, “Motown: The Musical,” would be that production. For those of us looking to reminisce about the good old days, “Motown: The Musical” hands delivers the golden era of the unmistakable […]


Billy Dee Williams Does Pop Con LA

Los Angeles-Actor Billy Dee Williams is the epitome of cool. He is the walking definition of what cool should look like. Williams have made a plethora of cultural and pop films that have crossed genres and dipped over the race barrier. He has starred opposite leading ladies such as Diana […]