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Domestic Violence is a Global Issue

September 18 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Domestic violence doesn’t just come knocking on the door of the NFL. There are other areas of society with people from all walks of life that have been afflicted with domestic abuse and domestic violence. Elected officials have perpetuated it. Some in Hollywood have lost their lives because of it. […]

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The End to Domestic Violence Lies in Our Own Maternal Hands

September 24 News4usonline News 0

Guest Commentary by Rose Morgan in homage to October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month  Earlier this summer, I publicly came forward as the third woman sexually assaulted by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. At the time, he was a United States Congressman, and Chairman of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee. Mr. […]

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A Domestic and Unthinkable Tragedy

December 6 Dennis J. Freeman 0

My introduction to domestic violence took place early in my life. I saw it firsthand and often in my mother and late father’s 43-year marriage. It was brutal. It was devastating to watch two people you love kick, claw and scream at one another almost every day. Oftentimes, my mother, […]

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Under the Hill…The Invisible Sex

By Angela N. Parker contributor I was reading a story about a man who murdered his girlfriend, their two children, and himself, in front of his girlfriend’s oldest children and my mouth literally fell open when I scrolled down to the comment section and found a page full of […]


The “Color Purple” is Still on Avery’s Mind

August 19 Dennis J. Freeman 0

 Veteran film and stage actress Margaret Avery shares her thoughts on the hit movie and her Oscar-nominated role of “Shug”that put her on top of the acting world 25 years ago. The lovely Margaret Avery talks about the impact of the “Color Purple” in a recent interview./Photo courtesy of Magaret […]