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Older Black Lives Matter–says top researcher

DAVIS, Calif (Paul Kleyman, New America Media).–Prof. James S. Jackson says the overwhelming propensity among researchers to view data on health disparities among African Americans through the lens of race is highly misleading, and masks deeper truths about how blacks and others cope with societal stressors. “We know that race matters,” Jackson said to scientists attending […]

Demonstrators in Los Angeles show their displeasure over the George Zimmerman verdict. Photo: Dennis J. Freeman

Americans Split on Zimmerman Verdict; Blacks Disagree

Americans also somewhat divided on whether public response to the verdict has been responsible NEW YORK — While July 13’s “not guilty” verdict for George Zimmerman may have brought his trial to a close, the court of public opinion is far from done with the subject. The days since have seen both scathing critiques and staunch support […]

President Barack Obama and 2011 Kavli Foundation winners./PRNewswire

Obama Accused of Propaganda Push

President Barack Obama’s much touted and highly criticized healthcare reform bill has taken a lot of heat since it was announced publicly. That measure, signed into law by President Obama, is on the hot seat again. Instead of the usual suspects within the GOP and Tea Party ranks blasting the president’s plan and setting up […]

Students from the Homies Empowerment Program in Oakland, California, attend a recent town hall meeting in Los Angeles that addressed issues affecting boys of color./

Addressing Health Disparities of Boys and Men of Color

 BY ROBERT PHILLIPS AND ANGELA GLOVER BLACKWELL  America is hemorrhaging talent. We can no longer waste the skills and dreams of countless young men and boys of color. That truth was echoed throughout a two-day national town hall in Los Angeles to address the health disparities facing boys and young men of color across California […]