Willis Edwards was a major power player in the NAACP, especially being instrumental in the NAACP's Image Awards. Photo: Dennis J. Freeman

NAACP Leader Was A Giant Among Men

Heroes sometimes relinquish their immortal status and become human. Once they become human they become mortal like the rest of us and end up succumbing to fleshly beginnings and endings. But in between, those men and women who validate their existence here on earth by saving lives and dedicate themselves to helping others, fill a […]

Singer Mary J. Blige and other black celebrities are speaking out in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Photo Credit: PRNewswire.Belvedere

Black Stars Vocal in Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Black celebrities appear to be going all out in the fight against HIV/AIDS. By these individuals lending their names through various outlets combating this pandemic, these black stars are putting up instead of shutting up in this global battle to save lives. Soul songstress Mary J. Blige is one of those stars. Blige, who have […]