Race and justice define ‘Doubt, A Parable’

August 19 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Any time you have religion, sex and race in the mix of things, more than likely those recurring themes are going to get most people’s attention. When you blend the three social elements together, alongside with the search for justice, it can be a powder keg for a theatrical production. […]

Monday's Meditation

When have Black Lives ever mattered?

Black lives do matter. White on black crime used to be the norm, the way things were supposed to be. White robes, hooded sheets, cross-burnings and a good old-fashion lynching. The rope has been replaced by the gun. Black lives means just as much today as it did when Harriet […]


Julian Bond — American Revolutionary

August 18 News4usonline News 0

One of Julian Bond’s heroes, Frederick Douglass, died at 77 in his Washington, D.C. home, cared for by a loving wife and comrade. NAACP Chair Emeritus Bond died at 75. He leaves his loving wife, Pam, at their Washington home, along with his blood and Movement children, like me, across […]


The tears of a black mother

LOS ANGELES-Trayvon Martin walked home with a bag of Skittles and iced tea in his hands. Eric Garner had just broken up a fight. Tamir Rice was playing around on a playground being a kid. Ezell Ford was minding his own business. Michael Brown had his hands up. Alesia Thomas […]


WE, Millions March LA Protest

December 30 Thai Lee 0

It is one thing to protest for equality within your own neighborhood, but it’s another when you take the march outside of the walls of the inner city. Thanks to new found organization ((WE)), thousands of students, activists and celebrities took to the streets in solidarity with Millions March. The […]


‘Ground Zero’ for Michael Brown Film

November 11 Thai Lee 0

Less than three months ago, the world was taken by storm after the fatal shooting of Mike Brown. The city of Ferguson has been Hell on Earth as protesters wait for the conviction of police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed the unarmed, 18-year-old black man. As for those […]


Obama: “They Dared to Dream Differently”

August 29 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Calling back on the days of true grit and undeniable courage, President Barack Obama echoed the chambers of the hundreds of thousands of people who marched to Washington, D.C.  50 years ago, looking for redemption in the form of education, employment and fair housing. The March on Washington for Freedom […]


Killing Trayvon Martin All Over Again

Michael Vick gets sent to prison for fighting dogs. U.S. traitor Eric Snowden commits acts of treason and is allowed to hang out with our enemies. George Zimmerman stalks and kills a black boy and gets to walk as a free man. Nothing has changed in this country, Supreme Court […]