Kobe Bryant: Gone in 60

April 14 Dennis J. Freeman 0

LOS ANGELES-Wow. Unbelievable. Fantastic. Incredible. Spectacular. There’s been many adjectives over the past 20 years to describe the play of Kobe Bryant. Los Angeles Lakers fans know all about these adjectives because they’ve used so […]


1985: The year Father Time was felled

October 25 Brady Rhoades 0

With basketball season here, this year marks the 30-year anniversary of the most excellent stretch of hoops ever played. It occurred on the biggest stage evolved from Naismith’s game —the NBA finals — and in a […]

Monday's Meditation

A Summer of Decisions

The NBA’s free agency market will get popping less than a month away. A lot of hard decisions will have to be made. For both the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, a lot […]

Monday's Meditation

Monday Quarterback: Clipper Nation

LOS ANGELES-Futility and apathy used to describe the Los Angeles Clippers. Not anymore. These days the potential for greatness is now synonymous with the NBA franchise that once provided late night fodder for up and […]


NBA Trade Steals NFL Thunder

August 10 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Only the Los Angeles Lakers can find a way to put the NFL opening weekend and the world’s fastest man on the headline news backburner. The Lakers did it again-never mind everything else going on […]

Clippers CoNNect

Clippers Evaluate Season’s Success

Culver City, CA-It’s hard to shake futility. But the Los Angeles Clippers are working on it. The arrivals of All-Star guard Chris Paul and team stabilizer Chauncey Billups galvanized the franchise. Young veterans like Blake […]