The sudden fall of Chip Kelly

December 30 Dennis J. Freeman 0

If you cut off the head, the body will soon follow. When Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles decided to get rid of a still very effective, playmaking Michael Vick, they didn’t just cast aside an aging scrambler with a rocket arm, they gave away the franchise’s soul. From all […]


NY Jets are a Wasted Mess

December 2 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The New York Jets don’t want to win. They want to entertain us. First it was the butt-fumble with Mark Sanchez. Then it was the Tim Tebow circus. Now we have the Geno Smith Experiment. The Jets say they want to win through a bunch of lip service. But when […]

Monday's Meditation

Colin Kaepernick’s Buster Smack

January 31 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Colin Kaepernick is a buster. I don’t like busters. Kaepernick is a buster for many reasons. First, he’s a buster for openly mocking Cam Newton’s Superman touchdown celebration in this year’s NFC’s divisional game. That was a real class act. How about the rest of the 49ers losing their minds […]

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Goodell and Eagles Drop the Ball on the N-Word

August 7 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The NFL had an immediate chance to send a message to the rest of the league. An opportunity was front and center for the Philadelphia Eagles to make the correct statement to the team and its fan base. They both chose to downplay the utterance of the N-word by wide […]


Talking Heisman, Vick and a Thunderous Trade

October 29 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Getting Beastly Against the Trojans Arizona quarterback Matt Scott decided to go Beast mode and tossed USC’s chances of competing for the national championship out of the window like worn lettuce. Scott, who passed for 369 yards and ran around Trojans’ defenders for an extra 100 yards in Arizona’s nail-biting […]


RG3 Ready for Big Splash in Washington, D.C.

Before being selected as the No. 2 pick in the 2012 NFL’s Draft, Robert Griffin III had a created a buzz beyond his wildest dreams. After taking the nation by story with an incredible senior campaign in which he led Baylor University’s football team  to its most accomplished season in […]


Tebow Hype an Injustice to Black Quarterbacks

December 21 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun. This is how this whole Tim Tebow craze should be viewed. Unfortunately, for the black quarterback it is not. What Tebow is doing this NFL season is nothing different than what black quarterbacks have been doing for decades. Instead of […]


Wild and Crazy NFL Predictions

September 8 Dennis J. Freeman 0

It’s a good thing the lockout ended or else NFL fans would be climbing the walls trying to get their weekly fix in. When it comes to the NFL ,sports fans has some sort of an opinion on what will happen, what players will shine or bust, and who will […]

Monday's Meditation

ESPN’s Failed Race Card Test

August 30 Dennis J. Freeman 0

  ESPN flipped the pages of the old blackface minstrel shows trying to make a point about race, sports and society when they put out an illustration of a white Michael Vick to accompany a lame, but offensive article on the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback. They failed on all accounts. Depicting […]

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PETA Should Back off Harassing Children

By Dennis J. Freeman People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are hypocrites of their own message. PETA, known for their sometimes controversial ways of getting people’s attention on the issue of abused animals, talk out of one side of their mouths, and produce action contrary to what they […]

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Black Journalists: Time to Step Back to the Black Side

By Dennis J. Freeman Black journalists have always been underrepresented in the newsroom. For decades, black journalists have struggled to have a strong presence in the telling of our stories and our communities. Climbing up the ladder for a chance to report news for mainstream publications or media outlets would […]