A Reality Star’s Will to Survive

October 31 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Sarah Rice knows all about the odds of having to fight back. Sometimes it is not easy. Sometime it can be intimidating. On other occasions, fear is inflicted, so much so that the option of standing up for yourself can be an overwhelmingly nightmarish experience. Welcome to Sarah’s world. Sarah, […]


Looking for a Real Family Challenge

October 24 Dennis J. Freeman 0

When Trey Weatherholtz looks around MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons,” reality show, there are not too many people he trusts. He’s weary of the fake friendships, the stab-in-the-back smiles and he keeps his guard up at all times. When you’re on a show competing with 27 other contestants […]


The Challenge for Cash is on at MTV

October 17 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Derek Chavez is not planning to hold back in his second go-round on MTV’s “The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.” That’s not his style. Chavez is a competitor. He believes in laying it all on the line. Well, Chavez and his Team Cancun buddies will need to do just that […]


Lingerie Football Leaving an Imprint With TV Viewers

December 5 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Dennis J. Freeman Los Angeles-Fantasy football is alive and well. This is not the atypical fantasy league team where you can plop down a marquee NFL player on your roster sheet. This fantasy football league have less clothes and exudes the glamour of promoting beautiful women running around smacking […]