Race, romance is center stage in Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington

LOS ANGELES-The entanglement of a love affair or a close friendship is always up for interpretation from outsiders. When this matter focuses on historical figures, the subject becomes a little more complicated and more closely examined. When this kind of relationship involves the always lighting rod of interracial collaboration, the […]


Julian Bond — American Revolutionary

August 18 News4usonline News 0

One of Julian Bond’s heroes, Frederick Douglass, died at 77 in his Washington, D.C. home, cared for by a loving wife and comrade. NAACP Chair Emeritus Bond died at 75. He leaves his loving wife, Pam, at their Washington home, along with his blood and Movement children, like me, across […]


Ferguson Decision: Fire and Anger

November 25 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The reaction to a grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson, Missouri officer Darren Wilson for killing unarmed black teenager Michael Brown has gone all the way up the White House. There is a lot of anger and overwhelming sense of frustration of what many perceive to be as justice […]


NAACP: A Salute to Black Theatre

November 21 Thai Lee 0

Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest, largest and most widely recognized grassroots-based civil rights organization. It has grown so much that for the past couple of decades the NAACP, Beverly Hills/Hollywood Branch has devoted a night of recognition honoring thespians among the best in the field of […]


Sterling Mess a Black Eye for NAACP

The NAACP has become a running joke. The famed institution long known for its quest for justice has become a running comic book sideshow. The tents are up and the circus is full of clowns and laughable jokers in the midst. The fight for equality can now be bought. Breaking […]


Ford and NAACP Come Together

Ford Returned as Sole Sponsor for 10th Annual Hollywood Bureau Symposium during 45th NAACP Image Awards Week Ford Motor Company Fund returned as sole sponsor of the NAACP Hollywood Bureau Symposium, marking its 10th year with the title “Moving Forward: The State of the Industry.” The annual event was held […]


Much Ado About ’12 Years a Slave’

February 9 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Much have been said about “12 Years a Slave.” The epic slave film, directed by Steve McQueen, has made the rounds of all the awards shows, snagging a Golden Globe Award for Best Picture. The movie has also received Academy Awards and NAACP nods as well. What’s the big deal […]


Nominees savor NAACP Image Awards Luncheon

February 9 Dennis J. Freeman 0

HOLLYWOOD-The NAACP Image Awards Nominees’ Luncheon is usually a big deal for lesser known artists, authors and first-time red-carpet walkers. But the event has been known to have high-profile celebs making their way down the red carpet. The annual NAACP Image Awards is a way for the world-renowned civil rights […]


Why we still march

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50 years after the seminal event of the civil rights era, the work is still unfinished By Sherrilyn A. Ifill Constance Baker Motley, the great civil rights lawyer with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, was not planning to attend the now-famous civil rights March on Washington 50 years ago this month. She […]


Walking to See Justice and to End Racial Profiling

LOS ANGELES-Emotions are still running high. A week after the verdict came down from the George Zimmerman criminal trial in which the neighborhood watch volunteer was found not guilty of committing second-degree murder or manslaughter in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by an all-women jury, those emotions have gone to […]

Monday's Meditation

Blacks Can’t Lose Sight of Social Justice

October 16 News4usonline News 0

Commentary  By M. Starita Boyce Ansari, Ph.D. (Black News)-Fifty years ago, Americans from community after community came together and committed to a vision for justice and equality. People fought. People died. People transcended the small interests of their own needs, as Blacks, Jews, women, gays and lesbians, took real risks […]


NAACP Leader Was A Giant Among Men

Heroes sometimes relinquish their immortal status and become human. Once they become human they become mortal like the rest of us and end up succumbing to fleshly beginnings and endings. But in between, those men and women who validate their existence here on earth by saving lives and dedicate themselves […]


Will There Be Justice For Trayvon Martin?

March 20 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The victims are different. The results are almost always the same. Oscar Grant. Sean Bell. Yusuf Hawkins. Amadou Diallo. And now the parents of Trayvon Martin have to live with the fact their son now fall into that category. A young black man has his existence snuffed out by a […]


Supreme Injustice for Troy Davis

September 22 Dennis J. Freeman 1

By Dennis J. Freeman There are so many doubts surrounding the execution of Troy Davis. There are many unanswered questions about his capital murder case that continues to swirl in clouds of uncertainty. A circumvented criminal justice system that has been historically biased against black Americans, have now shown it […]


Standing Alone for Justice

August 23 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Rev. Dr. William Barber II has been arrested many times. He’s been hit up with death threats.  Ugly verbal assaults and over-the-top criticism of his stance on education, unemployment rates, voting rights and high levels of incarceration of black folks only motivate Barber to continue to do his work as […]