Tom Brady’s Super Bowl playground

February 6 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Now who is the Bad Man? Matt Ryan just proved that he will never be that guy. Tom Brady reminded all of his that he is that guy. For Brady, the New England Patriots’ 34-28 comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, proved to be the defining moment […]

Monday's Meditation

Tom Brady’s suspension all on him

Arrogance befalls all of us. Arrogance is what took down Rome. It helped destroy the Egyptian empire. It now has a chokehold on Tom Brady’s legacy. It’s been some kind of year for the New England Patriots. And not for all the right reasons. The Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks […]


Seahawks’ Super Stupid Call

February 2 Dennis J. Freeman 0

There is stupid. Then there is the level of stupidity that the Seattle Seahawks navigated at the end of their Super Bowl contest against the New England Patriots. The stupid and almost unforgivable mistake I am talking about is what Pop Warner, high school of college football coaches wouldn’t make […]


Playing With a Chip on Their Shoulders

January 30 Dennis J. Freeman 0

SAN DIEGO-The Seattle Seahawks had just had their hats handed to them in a 30-21 defeat to the San Diego Chargers in Week 2. The setting was Qualcomm Stadium on a bright and sunny, Sunday afternoon. But the mood inside of the Seahawks’ locker room that day right after Chargers […]


Super Win for Wilson, Seahawks

January 19 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. That’s exactly what happened in the NFC Championship Game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers Sunday afternoon. First name Russell…last name Wilson…That’s about the only two words that the Green Bay Packers will  be uttering under their collective breaths while they’re watching […]

Monday's Meditation

Aaron Hernandez: The NFL’s Nightmarish Reality

Guns. Violence. Murder. That’s not a good combination for any professional sports league to associate its brand with. It certainly isn’t a good look for the National Football League (NFL). It is not the fault of the NFL when wayward individuals decide to go knucklehead. It is not the responsibility […]


Ochocinco Ready for Super Bowl Stage

February 4 Dennis J. Freeman 0

New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco didn’t have quite the productive season he envisioned when he signed with the NFL’s AFC champions. But he may wind up with the last laugh. After being mired in the dismal atmosphere with a poor to mediocre Cincinnati Bengals team for most of […]