LA confronts riots effects then and now

LOS ANGELES-As much as things change, some things remain the same. When you drive through South Los Angeles these days, some 25 years after the monstrous race-tinged eruption that shook the city and the nation to its core, there are reminders that suggest much haven’t change. Employment opportunities are needed. Healthcare […]

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Dorner Saga Puts Scrutiny on LAPD

February 13 Dennis J. Freeman 0

LOS ANGELES-In the end Christopher Dorner proved to be more coward than hero. He ran and hid instead of standing up for an alleged injustice that had been done to him by the Los Angeles Police Department. He chose to kill innocent people rather than stick to law enforcement’s badge […]


No More Demons to Chase for Rodney King

Rodney King is probably now at peace. There are no more demons left to fight for King. There are no more adversities and challenges to overcome. There are no more rehabilitation centers to attend to get cleaned up and figure out what life’s purpose is all about. There will be […]

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Los Angeles Riots a Pivotal Moment in History

April 28 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Twenty years ago on April 29, I sat in my car at a red light at the corner of Manchester Boulevard and Vermont Ave., less than a couple of hours after the infamous trial for the Los Angeles police officers who had been charged in the beating of black motorist […]