Maxine Waters’ waging feud against President Trump

INGLEWOOD, CA-The heat just got turned up on President Donald Trump. His administration has been accused of possible collusion with Russia. Current and former allies have already been allegedly tied to corruption. He has tabbed a running war with the media and with intelligence agencies.  Lawsuits declaring his travel bans […]


Ben Carson: The GOP’s anti-Trump answer

September 17 Dennis J. Freeman 0

ANAHEIM, CA-The Republican Party is a mess. Judging from the second national debate the Republican Party threw for themselves at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California (of all places), the mess has gotten a bit messier. The only thing that came across as presidential from the 11 […]

Monday's Meditation

Who Will Speak for Black War Veterans?

Several have not been deemed worthy of a Congressional Medal of Honor  By Ron Armstead Washington, D.C. President Obama at the recent White House Congressional Medal of Honor (CMOH) ceremony said, “no nation is perfect, but here in America, we confront our imperfections and face a sometimes painful past, including […]


Obama Salutes Medal of Honor Recipients

President Barack Obama and the White House paid tribute to U.S. soldiers by bestowing them with the Medal of Honor on Tuesday, March 18. Here is an excerpt of the President’s speech. The presentation of our nation’s highest military decoration — the Medal of Honor — is always a special […]


Obama Right on Government Shutdown Stance

October 16 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The GOP is finally getting the big picture. Then again, maybe they are not. President Obama is not budging. The citizens of the United States have spoken. They are not budging either. And they are not too happy with what is going on in Congress. People see through the games […]

Monday's Meditation

Monday’s Meditation: Guns Gone Wild

September 16 Dennis J. Freeman 0

When will it end? Another mass shooting has taken place. This time instead of a schoolyard setting, the location of choice took place not too far from the White House when Aaron Alexis, a military contractor, went ballistic and shot up the Washington Navy Yard, mortally wounding at least 12 […]


Pitino, Louisville Feted By Obama During White House Visit

The Louisville Cardinals men’s basketball team played dominant throughout the 2012-13 season. The Cardinals concluded their outstanding season with a nerve-wrecking 82-76 win against Trey Burke and a tough Michigan Wolverines team in the Division I title game. That victory earned the Cardinals a trip to the White House to […]

Monday's Meditation

Who is the President’s Opposition?

November 9 0

Most of the time we forget who these people are in the United States Senate who are opposing everything that President Obama tries to do to keep our country moving forward into the twenty-first century. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s statement on election night that “the voters have not endorsed […]

Monday's Meditation

President Obama Continues Reign of Failure with Voters

August 4 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Dennis J. Freeman President Barack Obama began his disconnect with the people as soon as he reached the Oval Office and started talking about working together with the Republican Party. The issue magnified when he and Vice President Joe Biden sat around in the White House Courtyard for a […]


Ronald Reagan Was No Friend to Blacks

January 25 Dennis J. Freeman 0

New America Media, Commentary, Earl Ofari Hutchinson It is no surprise that the conservative political consultant Michael Reagan would try to rewrite the historical record with a wildly inaccurate, absolutely ridiculous assertion that his late father, Ronald Reagan, was a “better friend of blacks” than President Obama. Normally, the best […]