Expo focuses attention on women’s health

LONG BEACH, CA-When it comes to issues related to health, it’s all about getting educated and being informed. KJLH-102.3 FM, the Inglewood, California radio station owned by song master Stevie Wonder, has always been about promoting information and education to Southern California’s urban communities, in one form or another. The […]


Fox makes the right ‘Pitch’ with new show

September 16 Dennis J. Freeman 0

LOS ANGELES-Girl power rocks. Female empowerment rule. Get used to it. The inevitable will soon become undeniable. Pro sports is a part of this equation. The day of women actually competing against men at the professional level in sports may not happen now, but can it be that far off? […]


WISE Women Do Sports

LOS ANGELES-Women in sports have always had an uphill climb to match their male peers in acceptability and being taken as equal in the workforce. Whether it’s fighting for equal pay as coaches or sports administrators, having the same type of media access of male reporters in sports locker rooms […]

Monday's Meditation

Under the Hill…The Invisible Sex

By Angela N. Parker contributor I was reading a story about a man who murdered his girlfriend, their two children, and himself, in front of his girlfriend’s oldest children and my mouth literally fell open when I scrolled down to the comment section and found a page full of […]


Human Trafficking Growing

Part 1 of a series By Dennis J. Freeman Human trafficking and sexual bondage co-exist as a way of life in Europe. For many women and children that means being exploited and forced into the sex trade and being turned out by lovers, husbands, relatives or intimidating thugs. They’re beaten. […]