Oregon defeats UCLA 38-35 in a Pac-12 Conference football game.
UCLA defensive back Stephan Blaylock (4) attempts to take down Oregon's wide receiver Johnny Johnson III (3) with a tackle in a Pac-12 Conference matchup in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020. Johnson caught two passes for 50 yards as the Ducks defeated the Bruins, 38-35. Photo credit: Scott LaBounty (University of Oregon)

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Surviving the night: my encounter with police brutality

There are no happy tours when it comes to police brutality. Everything ends in pain when it comes to police violence. Some people lose their lives. Others have to endure…

A retreat to the South while America protest

As the country and the rest of the world raged in indignation about police violence against people of color, especially against black people, I was hesitant in taking this hiatus…

Larry Aubry: The journalistic soul of an activist

There are but a handful of journalists I have grown to have unadulterated respect for. Two of them come from the same household: Larry Aubry and his daughter, Erin Aubry…

Remembering Kobe Bryant: Saying Farewell in 60

LOS ANGELES-When Kobe Bryant uttered the words “Mamba Out” in the aftermath of his final basketball game, an era of NBA greatness that will never be seen again followed him…

The gun has replaced the rope

At first, it was the rope. Now, it’s the gun. Mass shootings have become an alternate way that is being used by white men to keep people of color in…

Shh! The moviegoing experience is supposed to be quiet

Cerritos, CA-How many times have you been to the movies and have seen your moviegoing experience go right out the window and directly into the toilet thanks to a bunch…


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