Chargers, NFL Play 60 team up for fun

July 25 0

INGLEWOOD, CA-There’s a lot more to the NFL Play 60 Character Camp than just a fun day at the park. Hall of Fame offensive tackle Anthony Munoz believes these daylong football and fitness camps help build character, teaches teamwork and develops the core value of learning how to be a […]

Dancers chase their dreams at Charger Girls auditions

May 15 0

LOS ANGELES-Former Laker Girl Tiffany Daniels didn’t really know what to expect when she set herself on a path to make one last push to be part of another professional sports franchise cheer, dance and entertainment team. That itch she got came in the form of the Los Angeles Chargers […]

Lamp-Feeney: the Chargers beef brothers

May 4 0

CARSON, CA-The hysteria of the 2017 NFL Draft is over. Now it’s time to get to work. That means first round draft pick (No. 7 overall) wide receiver Mike Williams, second and third round draft picks Forrest Lamp (guard, No. 38) and Dan Feeney (guard, No. 71) will be going […]

Chargers go bold with Mike Williams pick

April 28 0

ANAHEIM-OK. Scoring points just came a bit easier for the Los Angeles Chargers. Melvin Gordon. Keenan Allen. Hunter Henry. Dontrelle Inman. Tyrell Williams. That’s a whole lot of offensive weaponry. Now throw in the mix of all that offensive firepower the talents of Clemson wide receiver Mike Williams, and you […]

Chargers are now enbedded in LA

March 31 0

Change is not always easy. But the Los Angeles Chargers are making it work. For the first time in over five decades, the Chargers will be playing in a home not called San Diego. During the course of the next two NFL seasons, the Chargers will make StubHub Center in […]

Hard Count


Chargers rookies get baptism by fire at mini-camp

May 13 0

SAN DIEGO-The overcast afternoon at Chargers Park wasn’t enough to dim the enthusiasm coming from Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn about what he saw on the first official day of the  team’s rookie min-camp. Lynn, in his first year leading the Chargers,  talked to the media with tempered excitement on what […]


NFL Play 60 a wonderous escape for heart-stricken student

May 9 0

LOS ANGELES-Heriberto Centeno appears to be like any ordinary teenager. He enjoys playing sports. As the older brother of two younger siblings, Centeno looks out for his little sisters. He and his friends hang out and play video games. And he likes football. That was evident as Centeno transported himself […]


Tom Brady’s Super Bowl playground

February 6 0

Now who is the Bad Man? Matt Ryan just proved that he will never be that guy. Tom Brady reminded all of his that he is that guy. For Brady, the New England Patriots’ 34-28 comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, proved to be the defining moment […]


Chargers ready for the fight for LA

January 13 0

Just like that, Los Angeles has two NFL teams. Just like that, the name in front of the Chargers went from San Diego to Los Angeles. And just like that, the Chargers, if you view their new temp website and caught wind that the team have hired their new head coach, are already […]


‘Hard Knocks’ a reality for LA Rams

December 13 0

Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson is somewhere smiling. The Los Angeles Rams pulled the trigger on the Jeff Fisher era, finally giving the veteran coach the boot. But was it enough to stop the team’s ineptitude bleeding? Right about now, the Rams have a lousy product on the […]


All Jameis (Winston) does is win

December 5 0

SAN DIEGO-Jameis Winston doesn’t have the turbo skates that Michael Vick used to have. He just gets the job done. Winston is not the chiseled Statue of Liberty Superman that Cam Newton has become. He just wants to win. Winston doesn’t even have the skateboard, get-out-of-the pocket running ability of […]


Clippers hand over franchise key to Blake Griffin

July 21 0

PLAYA VISTA,CA-Now that all the smoke and mirrors have cleared, Blake Griffin is still standing as the cornerstone for the Los Angeles Clippers to bank their future on. It was that way when the Clippers took Griffin as the No. 1 selection back in the 2010 NBA Draft. The Clippers […]

Patrick Beverly’s defensive mastery is on point for Clippers

July 19 0

CULVER CITY, CA-Patrick Beverly is ready to do work for the Los Angeles Clippers. Listening to Beverly as he spoke at the introductory press conference for himself and other players acquired by the Clippers this summer, it’s clear that the former Houston Rockets star is looking forward to the prospect of playing for […]

Blake Griffin’s legacy now tied to Clippers

July 1 0

The Clippers knew they couldn’t afford to let Blake Griffin walk. Not with CP3 making trails to Houston. That would have been a disastrous kick in the gut for the franchise. Just a couple of hours before midnight was set to strike zero, the Cinderella carriage came awaiting for Griffin. The Clippers managed […]

Chris Paul and Lob City kiss LA good-bye

June 29 0

The Lob City era has officially ended in Los Angeles, with the Clippers sending All-Star Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets in a blockbuster deal. Paul will team with MVP runner-up James Harden, giving Houston perhaps the most dynamic backcourt in the league and a chance to possibly upend the […]

Clippers re-branding now includes Jerry West

June 21 0

LOS ANGELES-The Golden State Warriors’ loss is the Los Angeles Clippers’ gain. Thanks to  the basketball savviness of Jerry West, the Warriors made it to the NBA Finals the last three seasons. West is now working for the Clippers to see if he  can help elevate the ballclub to a championship-level […]

The Fastbreak


NBA stars go smashing at the Drew League

July 25 0

LOS ANGELES, CA-Basketball should be taking a backseat right now with football jump-starting. That’s not the case at the Drew League. Things are just heating up. The regular season has ended. The playoffs have begun. That means a good dose of NBA players like Houston’s James Harden, Toronto’s DeMarr DeRozan, […]


First impression is a lasting one at Laker Girls audition

July 22 0

EL SEGUNDO, CA-Sunday, July 9, was a big day for Jessica Elliott, who manages game entertainment for the Los Angeles Lakers. It was audition time. To many people, July represents summer fun and a cool down period of vacations, short getaways and activities. For Elliott, July represents the beginning of the […]


Lakers now following the ‘Ball’ for success

June 28 0

El Segundo, CA-A remake of the front office. Excitement of over a first-round draft pick. A good kind of buzz has returned to Lakerland. That’s the way that Magic Johnson, president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, prefers it to be. It is the way that Johnson, who […]


Lakers reboot is becoming a reality

May 22 0

When it comes to the NBA hierarchy, the Los Angeles Lakers have been used to sitting on that perch right along with the Boston Celtics. The Lakers and Celtics are both looking to reclaim the glory that have been bestowed on their respective franchises after falling on hard times. The […]


Clippers cruise to star-less Cavs win

March 20 0

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Clippers were gift-wrapped a 108-78 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night. Shortly before the start of the game, the Cavaliers announced their star players would not be playing in this game due to rest. Blake Griffin led the way for the Clippers with a […]


Clippers-Warriors rivalry in need of upgrade

February 24 0

Ok. Let’s just put it out there. The Golden State Warriors are the best team in basketball. That’s not rocket science. They may not match their record-breaking regular season mark of 73-9 they set last year. That is irrelevant.  More than halfway into the 2016-17 NBA season, the Warriors have […]

In the Spotlight

Unconventional fits Sy Smith’s music and style

by Dennis J. Freeman in Spotlight 0

LOS ANGELES-Sy Smith doesn’t want her creative juices to ever get stale. That’s probably the chief reason why her  musical sound defies conventionality. Smith’s music is anchored in futuristic soul. She can do the neo-soul thing. [...]


  • SACRAMENTO, CA-Ameer Webb doesn’t want to be known as an average sprinter. He wants to be the best in the world. On Day 4 of the 2017 USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships, Webb took [...]
  • LONG BEACH-, CA-Team Penseke driver Helio Castroneves (3) lead the pack in the 2017 Verizon IndyCar Series qualifying race on Saturday, April 8, 2017, at the 43rd Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. Castroneves [...]
  • After Bradley Klahn disposed of former champion and sixth seed Marcos Giron 6-3, 6-2 in the first semifinal at the $25,000 USTA Men’s Pro Tennis Championships of Calabasas, it was first seed Mackenzie McDonald’s chance [...]


  • LOS ANGELES-The Los Angeles Dodgers were the first team in Major League Baseball history to integrate. So it is fitting that the ballclub that brought us Jackie Robinson, would salute other African Americans considered to [...]
  • “If there’s a guy with the game on the line, I still trust him,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts chimed-in about Logan Forsythe’s walk-off hit. “It takes a lot of mental strength to strike out four times, [...]
  • LOS ANGELES-Dodgers pitching ace and three-time Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw took the mound on his seventh consecutive Opening Day start and allowed two runs on just two hits in seven innings while striking [...]

Photo of the Day

Blake Griffin is now the face of the Los Angeles Clippers after signing a contract extension with the team. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline



Whitney Houston’s music resonates in ‘The Bodyguard’

June 2 0

COSTA MESA, CA-Love conquers all. Everyone loves a good love story. We all like great music to play alongside that love bonding. And certainly, there are plenty of people around the globe who will always adore the magnetic voice of the late, great Whitney Houston. The touring stage play The […]


The Verdi Chorus: 34 years of good music

April 29 0

The Verdi Chorus continues their 34th season with their spring concerts entitled “All’s Fair in Love and War” at the acoustically-sound First United Methodist Church in Santa Monica on April 29 and 30. Their Founding Artistic Director/Conductor Anne Marie Ketchum and Julliard-trained piano accompanist Laraine Ann Madden have fashioned the […]


Ahmanson Theatre’s joyous romp ‘Into the Woods’

April 11 0

LOS ANGELES-Any musical production that has the name Stephen Sondheim attached to it is usually a quality product, and that’s just what Tony-Award-winning Into the Woods was on opening night at the Ahmanson Theatre. With music and lyrics by Sondheim and book by James Lapine, the Fiasco Theater Company put […]


Pat Metheny wows with UCLA performance

September 22 0

LOS ANGELES-Jazz guitar virtuoso and living legend, Pat Metheny, was the chosen one to kick-off the 2016-17 season for the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA’s acoustically-sound Royce Hall on Thursday. He was welcomed with cheers, clapping, and ear-piercing whistles from all of his adoring fans. As an opener, […]



“Divines” a film debut worth the buzz

November 28 0

HOLLYWOOD-The choices we make can either help us or derail us. The AFI Fest 2016 showcase of films, animation and movie shorts had plenty of good theatrical releases for people to view during its annual run early in November. The French film “Divines,” considered one of the festival’s best, outlines […]


Bradford Young unveils a new ‘Arrival’

November 23 0

LOS ANGELES-There is a lot of buzz going around with the new hit film “Arrival,” starring Amy Adams and Forest Whitaker. The sci-fi thriller, a Paramount Pictures film, has grossed over $45 million so far. The stunning visual cinematography of the movie comes courtesy of cinematographer Bradford Young. During Paramount […]


Amy Adams stirs aliens revival in ‘Arrival’

November 11 0

“Arrival” is an exceptional science fiction film that doesn’t rely on the played out destruction and chaos that alien movies typically fall victim to. Director Denis Villenueve did a wonderful job adapting Ted Chiang’s 1998 novella, ‘Story of Your Life’ in this modern day blockbuster. The film follows Dr. Louise […]


Film ‘Loving’ shows us what love is

October 26 0

Director Jeff Nichol’s “Loving” is a rare film that depicts the injustice and brutality of racism without resorting to outwardly physical violence or attacks. “Loving” tells the true story of a hardworking white bricklayer Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton), and his pregnant African American girlfriend, Mildred (Ruth Negga). Richard loves Ruth, […]

Fantastic Flicks

Claudia Jordan, star of "The Sin Within," has a plethora of projects slated to be completed in 2017. Among her many projects coming up are "Steele Justice" and "Love Is Not Enough." Photo by Dennis J. Freeman

Video Vapors TV


The Yard


Howard University honors its own Bison stars

“Howard University gives you a certain strength with your cultural identity, and if you have that you can face anything in the world.” –Actress and choreographer Debbie Allen LOS ANGELES-Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance CEO Omar McGee encourages his students to attend historically black colleges [...]

Soul Stroll

LA County’s homeless problem is full of black faces

June 8 0

LOS ANGELES–Representation is going to be crucial when it comes to dividing up the $3.55 billion windfall that is expected to come over the next decade after Measure H was approved by voters back in March. The faith community from various parts of the county came together at the Interfaith […]

Maxine Waters’ waging feud against President Trump

May 18 0

INGLEWOOD, CA-The heat just got turned up on President Donald Trump. His administration has been accused of possible collusion with Russia. Current and former allies have already been allegedly tied to corruption. He has tabbed a running war with the media and with intelligence agencies.  Lawsuits declaring his travel bans […]

LA confronts riots effects then and now

May 3 0

LOS ANGELES-As much as things change, some things remain the same. When you drive through South Los Angeles these days, some 25 years after the monstrous race-tinged eruption that shook the city and the nation to its core, there are reminders that suggest much haven’t change. Employment opportunities are needed. Healthcare […]

Maxine Waters rocks L A Press Club forum

April 19 0

LOS ANGELES-Don’t mess with auntie. Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For her constituents in the 43rd District, which encompasses a large swath of South Los Angeles, Waters is the pitbull advocate they need to represent them in the House of Representatives. […]

The Trump-California collision course

April 12 0

It’s on. California. Trump. State’s rights versus federal authority. This brewing legal battle between the Golden State against the potential overreach of the federal government is soon coming to a town near you. The locked in political struggle has been out on the stomping grounds since November when President Donald […]

College Station


Sweet Sixteen is UCLA’s calling card

March 21 0

LOS ANGELES-Well, that was easy. Now comes the hard part for the UCLA women’s basketball team: UConn. The Bruins turned the first and second round of the NCAA Women’s Tournament into a walkthrough clinic of defense, opportune scoring and just overall dominance.  After dispatching No. 13 Boise State in the first […]


Bruins’ NCAA win is Canada’s takeover

March 19 0

LOS ANGELES-Size. Speed. Strength. Strategy. Those kind of things kind of matter in the college basketball postseason. The UCLA have plenty of those attributes and it was too much for Boise State to handle. The first round game of the NCAA Women’s Tournament turned out to be an easy one for the […]


UC Davis dances on UC Irvine’s missteps

March 13 0

ANAHEIM, CA-Not too many people gave UC Davis men’s basketball team an ounce of a chance to bring down UC Irvine in the Big West Tournament. When you looked up at the crowd attending the Big West Tournament final between the two men’s basketball teams at the Anaheim Honda Center, […]


Time for 49ers to go dancing

March 13 0

ANAHEIM, CA-Long Beach State women’s basketball coach Jody Wynn was besides herself after seeing her team pull off a 56-55 nail-biting win against UC Santa Barbara in the Big West Tournament final to advance to the NCAA Tournament. Yes, Wynn and the 49ers are going dancing.  It was a draining […]


Heat turned up in Big West tourney

March 10 0

ANAHEIM, CA-The action was fast. The tempo was somewhat furious as the first action of Big West Tournament men’s basketball saw the top four seeds stave off the competition for the right to battle for a chance to play in the championship round and a berth into the NCAA Tournament. […]


Uncertainty turns into clarity for USC

March 6 0

LOS ANGELES-No, not a whole lot of people saw this coming. USC men’s basketball coach Andy Enfeld said as much during a postgame press conference following the Trojans’ regular season wrap up against Washington at Galen Center. Last year, when the Pac-12 Conference released its preseason media poll back in October, […]


Candace Parker answers title bell

October 21 0
For the Los Angeles Sparks, the road to the WNBA championship would begin and end with Candace Parker. It started with Parker making the full-time commitment to attend training camp and seeing this season all the [...]

Lynx get one ‘Moore’ game

October 17 0
LOS ANGELES-The Los Angeles Sparks played Game 4 of the WNBA Finals as if something was owed to them. As a result, the Sparks were handed the keys to a 85-79 defeat at Staples Center. [...]



The Olympians


Hitting the road aboard the Megabus

May 30 0
LOS ANGELES- It’s that time of year again. Barbeque, picnics, plenty of sunshine, a couple of months of vacation days and an over abundance of  planned family reunions. Traveling to those family jaunts can be [...]