Abraham McDonald is a “Miracle” to Music Industry

Singer Abraham McDonald is looking to bring back true soul music.

By Dennis J. Freeman

Abraham McDonald wants to re-create the music magic of love and romantic ballads that once dominated airwaves. He describes himself as a pop/soul artist hoping to bring a new dimension to the music scene. In many ways, McDonald has already changed the way the game is played.

The winner of the first Oprah Winfrey Show Karaoke Challenge, McDonald, will be performing his hit single “Miracle” released from his Island Def Jam label at the House of Blues in West Hollywood next Friday.  Being part of the national singing competition and appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show opened the doors to where he felt he belong, said McDonald.

“I have an opportunity to live my dream,” McDonald said in a phone interview. “This is what I dreamed about as a kid. I have to tell myself that it’s here. You’ve earned it. You’ve arrived at your destination.

“For me, this is just the beginning of the beginning. The opportunity was presented. I’m grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my dream. Even in that I’m going on a greater mission. How do I help and serve my community with the gifts I am now able to display? Destiny is a greater mission.”

He’s bringing his own distinction to the music scene, one being that he identifies with what’s missing from today’s musical genre. There’s a void to listening to good music, said McDonald, who’s musical influences include Barbara Streistand, Beyonce’ and soul queen Mary J. Blige. But McDonald wouldn’t be where he is at today without the pull and support of other women in his life, especially his older sister, who forced him to sing on a city bus when he was a teenager.

McDonald said he was 12 at the time. What his sister did was pull the shy teenager out of his comfort zone, he said.  McDonald recalls that experience, sitting on the former RTD (now Metro) bus in Los Angeles, with his sister calling him out to sing in front of a bunch of strangers.

McDonald said he was mortified at the thought of going through what his sister asked him to do. Crying all the way home on that bus ride, McDonald got up the nerve to sing a song. And that was his breakthrough in regards to singing in front of other people, he said.

“I sung, but I cried all the way through that song,” McDonald said.

From there, McDonald started doing talent shows and small music gigs. He eventually found his way to the national singing completion that has now put him in the public’s eye as perhaps the next great crooner. Since then, McDonald has answered requests to sing the national anthem at a Los Angeles Lakers game and done his thing at the Shrine Auditorium.

Despite his newfound commercial success after winning that contest, McDonald said his life is pretty much the same with one exception: opening his front door and seeing a tree standing in his front yard.

“The tree brings life,” McDonald said. “

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