Asian Star Model Looking to Make Her Mark in Tinseltown

A star runway model in Asia, Donna Rowe is trying to make it big in Hollywood./Malcolm Mitchell/ of the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center

By Dennis J. Freeman

Donna Rowe has a duality personality like many people. One side of her likes to have fun and enjoys the hustle and bustle of an actress and runway model. The other side shows compassion for her patients as a registered nurse.

Predictability and unpredictability is what you get with Rowe, who stars as sexy detective Tiffany Waters in an upcoming web television series, Beverly Hills Crime & Fashion, early next year. That is who she is. That is who she’ll always be, said Rowe.

“That’s the fun of being me, the duality of Donna Rowe,” said Rowe in an interview with  “I have a passion for life. Donna is a nurse, who is very caring. Nursing is a passion that I have-helping people, teaching them, educating them on diabetes, hypertension and all sorts of things.”

Rowe said being a nurse keeps her life in perspective.

“Nursing is what brings me back home. Nursing is what keeps me grounded. On the other side of Donna Rowe is the creative side-fun side. It can’t be all about someone else. You’ve got to love yourself, too. It’s a way for me to express my creative side. So I am to go out to Tinsletown and express myself in many different ways. I’m acting, modeling, hosting and doing all sorts of fun things.”

 Among those fun things the Filipino/Italian-born Rowe enjoys doing is talking about health, fashion and beauty, which she does on her show, now in production and scheduled to come out next year. Single and searching for her soulmate, Rowe will also appear in Bravo’s reality show-Millionaire Matchmaker- to try find that lucky guy. With a lot of logs in the fire, Rowe, a longtime print and runway model in the Philippines, is hoping to make it big in the glamour world of Hollywood.

Though her film and television credits are limited so far, the budding actress already has a legion of followers from her heyday as a top runway model in Asia. Rowe is just beginning to tap into her potential within the entertainment industry. She expects Beverly Hills Crime & Fashion to become a hit because it brings a combination of drama, fashion and beauty.       

“I am the tough cop in the show,” said Rowe. “I am the sexy detective on the show that will be fighting crime. There is a little similarity between the character and me as a person and that is the duality as a person. Tiffany Waters, she comes from a family of wealth but on the other side she loves to fight crime.”

In real life, Rowe, who relishes in keeping her day job as a nurse with Kaiser Permanente, likes to educate, inform and translate the message of good health to her patients.

“Nursing…that will always be part of my life,” said Rowe. “That is where I get a lot of my energy from. Some people thrive on taking and receiving. I thrive on giving and putting a smile on someone’s face or being able to help someone. That will always be with me. I like being able to relate to someone on a personal level, knowing that I am able to touch their lives. That’s an awesome, awesome feeling.”

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