“Floetic Soul” Marks Comeback for “The Floacist”

Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart is back doing her poetic soul music./Photo Credit: Shanachie International

By Dennis J. Freeman

Natalie Stewart doesn’t do the awards thing like her musical peers do. She doesn’t really care much for posing on the red carpet and hobnobbing with the celebrity crowd. No, that’s not what she is about. What the former lead member of the hit poetic soul duo Floetry is about, however, is transitioning positive energy flow. Stewart, better known as the “Floacist,” has brought back her vibe of neo soul poetic lyrics on her new CD titled “Floetic Soul.”

The first single released on “Floetic Soul, is the sensual “Forever,” which Stewart recorded with Musiq Soulchild. And she sounds as good as ever.

After getting married and being in seclusion to live a life of normalcy with her family, Stewart’s creative juices got going and now the “Floacist” is bringing her engaging sound back to her audience.

Stewart, along with Marsha Ambrosius, made Floetry a hit-making machine, with the group being awarded with seven Grammy nominations in its heyday. Looking to stabilize her life, Stewart left the group at the height of its fame. Stewart now says that “Floetic Soul” is an extension of Floetry. In an extensive interview with the Stewart, the “Flociast” shared her thoughts on love, life and happiness.

DF: What is Floetic Soul?

The Floacist: “I came up with this thing called Floetry, and I came up with the concept of poetic delivery with musical intent. Floetic Soul is spoken word or a performance making music. The concept travels love and love.”

DF: What inspired “Forever,” the first single off the new CD?

The Floacist: “Love. I love love… even when it takes you down journeys that people don’t understand. I love it. It help you to grow, it nurtures. That song…the past four years of my life has really been transformational. The constant through my transformation, has been my husband. This song is about companionship and the strength that the foundation of companionship really offers. This is really a testimony to love.”

DF: Will there be more music CD’s to come from you or will this be it?

The Floacist: I definitely anticipate more because I am going to be reflecting more and I am going to continue to write. Writing is the basic of all things.

DF: Would you consider your new CD, “Floetic Soul” as some sort of a comeback or a re-introduction of your poetry and music infusion to your fans and to the world?

The Floacist: “It’s more of a debut than a comeback because I’ve never done solo music before. It’s been 10 years after my first album went out. I’ve never done this before, so it actually feels more of a debut, which is magical. I am really enjoying that feeling.”

The Floacist, Natalie Stewart, has brought her neo soul poetry back on the music scene./Photo Credit: Shanachie International

DF: What have you been up to the last couple of years since Floetry ended its run?

The Floacist: “I’ve been living. I’m very proud to say that I have a life, a very rich and full, beautiful life that is actually even bigger than my career. After years of touring with my group Floetry, I’ve been with my family, being at home. Creatively…I’m a poet. I’m always writing. I’ve been investigating my solo expression. This year has been a year in which I have been re-engaging with the music industry. Being the poet that I am I was still performing, not performing but sharing energy.”

DF: Did Floetry’s success run its course or run out?

The Floacist: “Sometimes things are simply complex. For Marsha and I to make another album…all it takes is for both of us to want to make the same kind of music again. I think that any point that if both us wanted to make a neo soul poetry, delivered with musical intent album, then there would be another Floetry album.”

DF: What kind of creative energy did you get from spending time with your family?

The Floacist: “It gave me everything. As an artist you forget that you’re supposed to be living in order to have something to share that is relative to the people who are living and collecting and enjoying your art. My family has given me everything. My husband, my son, in terms of energy, in terms of alignment, in terms of having real experiences that turn into things that you may want to say or share beyond yourself…they mean absolutely everything.”

The Floacist and Music Soulchild collaborate beautifully on \”Forever.\”

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