Beauty Queen Help Sets off Long Beach Grand Prix

Miss Indy Nicole Rossetto and actress/reporter Crystal Coney attend a media luncheon at the IndyCar Series Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach./Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman/

By Dennis J. Freeman

Long Beach, CA-Hailing from Baulkham, New South Wales, Nicole Rossetto, is the 2011 Miss Indy queen. And the 23-year-old functions and event manager is looking to have to have some fun with that title this weekend at the IndyCar Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach race event.

She should be. This is Rossetto’s first trip ever to the United States.

Chosen as the winner in a wide-ranging modeling pageant, Rossetto is the face of Australia during the three-day weekend event in downtown Long Beach, California. A somewhat racing buff, Rossetto said she is looking forward to a lot of networking, partying and hanging out with some of the drivers.

She may even jump in a vehicle and push the pedal to the medal in the three-day event celebrity race.

“I’m very excited about that,” said Rossetto. “I’m pretty nervous, but I’m professional. So, it’s in good hands.”

 Despite a 13-hour trip, Rossetto is pumped and full of excitement about being part of the festivities at one of the notable IZOD IndyCar Series events.

 “I get to meet all the drivers, take a bunch of photos and do interviews,” Rossetto said at a media luncheon that introduced drivers participating in the Long Beach Grand Prix. “It’s really good fun. I’ve never been here before, so it’s definitely different for me. It’s bit of a holiday.”

The thrill for Rossetto has been amped more because this is her first time actually catching a race in person. The closest Rossetto can get to a car race in her homeland is watching it on television. But that hasn’t kept her from following the sport. She understands the jargon. Rossetto knows all the top drivers. To Rossetto, they’re all pretty good.

“I am a bit of a racing buff, but because we don’t actually have Indy racing in Australia, I have watch Indy on TV,” Rossetto said. “I’m excited to see an actual Indy race. I really don’t have a favorite. I think they’re all kind of good.”

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