Visionary Showcases the Education of Young Minds

Singer Abraham McDonald belts out a tune at the Educating Young Minds scholarship gala.

Angeles Echols-Brown believes that if you create the opportunities good things will happen. Echols-Brown doesn’t know roadblocks or obstacles.

 As the Founder, CEO and visionary behind Educating Young Minds (EYM), Echols-Brown recently pulled together for the first-time a massive three-day weekend entertainment and educational extravaganza for “her kids.”

 Those kids are college students, young adults, high school students and students as young as nine years of age who participated in life changing high-tech exhibits, educational workshops, career opportunities, met role models and celebrities and even participated in an international tele-conference with India and Africa.

 The worldwide weekend celebration began by recognizing the explosive internet evolution. EYM showcased its new cutting-edge interactive website “Access/No Excuse” during a special reception at its corporate offices.

 “Access/No Excuse” is a state-of-the-art interactive online academic and career development search engine.  EYM officials said “Access/No Excuse” will help further expand the reach and vision of EYM’s programs and at the same time address academic, vocational and outreach opportunities for students worldwide.

 “EYM’s purpose is to motivate, encourage and empower inner-city students, dropouts and young adults in transition, and to bridge the educational and corporate worlds,” Ms. Echols-Brown said. “It is essential that we develop a culture of continuous education, excitement and wonder for our youth as we create global citizens.”

 West LA College in Los Angeles and Nestle hosted an exciting all-day interactive series of exhibits, workshops and entertainment designed to excite, motivate and encourage students and young adults, as well as the introduction of EYM’s new internet technology.

 Exhibits included education, green technology/environment, science/engineering/technology, health and wellness, arts and entertainment and government/law/finance.

 One of the weekend highlights of the weekend was the “Blue-Eyed Soul Rock ‘n Roll” concert with performances by more than a dozen professional recording artists. Hosted by actor Michael McKean (Smallville, Brady Bunch Movie) and actress Annette O’Toole (Smallville, “Superman III), the concert featured the musical talents of Ryder Bach, Keith David, Lynette Dupree, Sam Harris, Leslie Odums Jr. and others.

 “The talent was amazing with high-energy sounds and many standing ovations,” said show director Obba Babatunde.

 At its 13th annual Scholarship Awards Gala, students were handed college scholarships totaling more than $157,000. Scholarship winners were Los Angeles area residents Kara Craig, Rahel Tesfahun, Jonathan Jones, Nesrin Ahmed, Samuel Wondim, Helen Asefa and Zenna Hassen, and others presently enrolled in four-year institutions.

 Entertainment was also featured during the gala dinner as talented singer Abraham McDonald, winner of the Oprah Winfrey singing challenge, showcased his soulful and amazing voice for the audience. Also on stage were singer Ravi, actress Kym Whitley and comedian Michael Colyar. 

 Toyota, Nestle, College Access Foundation of California and US Bank were among the many corporate sponsors that provided and supported the scholarships with monetary donations.

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