Will Florida’s Justice System Fail Trayvon Martin?

Image of slain teenager Trayvon Martin at a rally in Los Angeles.

So how much is a young black man’s life worth?  Is it five hundred dollars? How about a thousand bucks? Maybe, it’s worth a pair of high-priced basketball sneakers. Does the value of life depreciate as long as it pertains to black people? Apparently, in the state of Florida, that’s not saying too much when you examine the tragic killing of the black boy walking home with a pack of skittles and a can of iced tea.

The defense attorney for George Zimmerman, the self-serving and overzealous vigilante, who shot down Trayvon Martin in cold blood, had the audacity to ask for his client’s bail to be set at $15,000. This, for a man charged with second-degree murder and has now become the symbol of white male privilege and national scorn.

If this would have been granted, Zimmerman would simply have had to post 10 percent of that amount ($1,500) to hit the streets and to possibly profile, stalk and kill another black youth. Because on the night of Feb. 26, Zimmerman, profiled, stalked, and eventually shot and killed Martin with the 9mm handgun he was carrying for no other reason other than the fact “he looked suspicious.”

The newly appointed judge went a little further, putting the amount for Zimmerman to leave the jail cell he was in at $150,000, basically a $15,000 drop in the bucket for Zimmerman and his daddy judge.  With all of the outrage of a simple arrest after 44 days, Zimmerman gets out and is allowed to taste the crowning glory of freedom again, a privilege the 17-year-old Martin will never see again.

Basically the judge overseeing the case granted Zimmerman the same rights the former neighborhood watch commander didn’t give Martin.  All the marching, all the protests, all the rallies and all the media attention now means squat in the name of justice. First, Zimmerman was afforded the opportunity to walk after the shooting occurred, likely because his father was a former magistrate.

I guess the adage of who know instead of what you know really matters, especially when it comes to black males getting the benefit of the doubt from the judicial and criminal justice system. Now more salt have been added to the wounds of Martin’s parents.

Making this whole case more outlandish is how Florida’s state attorney allowed Zimmerman and his attorney go through with a dog-and-pony show during the bail bond hearing to apologize to Martin’s parents while taking the witness stand.  So nearly two months of living in hiding, rolling around the streets, going about his business while Martin’s body lay cold in the ground, Zimmerman said he was sorry for killing Martin.

Really? and his attorney, Mark o’Mara, comes up with the idea to play into the media and nation’s hearts by going after the very thing Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton has asked for: an apology.  This is what happens when you make appearances on the relentless media news cycle.

Zimmerman and his attorney used the very words uttered by the Martin family and turned them right back on them, which really means nothing. But if nothing else, it should provide banter for the Martin’s family attorneys to have their clients to shut up already!

By talking on all these news channels is only giving Zimmerman and his attorney a way out and earn empathy from TV viewers as a man who is a victim himself. No, Zimmerman is a killer. Zimmerman is a cold-blooded, calculated murderer, who snatched the life of a young man minding his own business as he walked towards his father’s house. Sooner or later the revelation of this whole case, which is bound by strong elements of racism, prove as much to be true.




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