San Diego Gets Football Fever with Charger Girls

The new San Diego Charger Girls team is all set for the 2012 NFL season. Photo courtesy of the San Diego Chargers/NFL

This time of the year is prime time for worldwide audiences to tune in to the NBA playoffs.  Major League Baseball is usually getting its annual 162-game regular underway. The WNBA just conducted its yearly draft. The National Hockey League is revving up its postseason drama. But some kind of way the NFL always seem to trump the rest of the sports leagues when it comes to attention and interest.

This year is no different. While those other sports command their share of viewers, the NFL is already making waves for what promises to be an exciting 2012 season. The annual three-day television drama called the NFL Draft figure to have football fanatics glued to their TV sets.

The bounty scandal, and now allegations of illegal spying by the team, has cast a large shadow over the New Orleans Saints and adds more intrigue to the nation’s most popular sport.

The media hype around quarterbacks and potential stars Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III has given the NFL enough positive buzz to offset the negative.  Then there is the supporting cast everyone pays attention to that every NFL team can’t do without, and that is the dashingly beautiful women who make up the cheerleader squads around the league.

As organizations around the league work out details on free agency, solidifying their coaching personnel and construct their draft list, those teams are also working on putting together and forming the social, community and entertainment segment of their franchises. A large part of that element is finding the right individuals that best personify the team and the community it serves.

Working it out: More than 400 women auditioned to become one of 28 individuals making up the 2012 San Diego Charger Girls cheerleader team. Photo courtesy of the San Diego Chargers/NFL

Being an NFL cheerleader is a big part of that mission. Being an NFL cheerleader is also a lot more than meets the eye. For sure, being an NFL cheerleader surpasses any eye candy test. There are hundreds of hours of promoting the team, meeting and greeting fans and performing in and around community and charitable events.

Earning your stripes to become a San Diego Charger Girl is no easy picnic. More than 400 women from all over the country recently went through several rigorous days of auditioning and tryouts to become a member of the San Diego Chargers family. After several rounds of daylong auditions, 28 women made the cut to officially become a San Diego Charger Girl.

As head coach Norv Turner and his staff tries to figure out the right pieces to fit around quarterback Philip Rivers and Co. in hopes for a strong run to the Super Bowl, the San Diego Charger Girls team has already been assembled.

“We have women from all different backgrounds,” Charger Girls Director Lisa Simmons said. “The age range varies quite a bit in this new squad as well. I believe having women that have been in the industry longer can really be beneficial to the younger dancers starting in their career.

“I’m excited to welcome the rookies to the program and see how they will grow and contribute to the team,” Simmons said. “We have strong vets returning as well that will be great leaders and will benefit from the new energy.”




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