Nenna Yvonne’s Ride to Stardom

Singer Neena Yvonne is beginning to ride the crest of stardom./Photo courtesy of Neena Yvonne
Singer Nenna Yvonne is beginning to ride the crest of stardom./Photo courtesy of Neena Yvonne

There is no one way to describe singer Nenna Yvonne. There is no particular style the fashion-conscious entertainer adheres to. She doesn’t allow herself to be put into a box. You might say that the Nigerian-born Yvonne, one of the top independent artists around, is one of those rare music and entertainment talents whose showmanship, style and personality beckon creative flow in every aspect of her life.

From the eye-catching blue hair she adorns on top of her head, to the colorful and outrageous outfits she wears, all the way down to the music she writes and sings, one way or another Yvonne will get your attention. Yvonne, who first got into music at five, is her own woman.

She is a walking billboard of stunning beauty, inner strength, fashion, entrepreneurship and social consciousness. Ambition and fierce determination are the keys that rev up her engine of keeping it real.

She is about as a free spirit as they come. Fashion-wise and musically, Yvonne doesn’t fit one particular category. That’s because she won’t allow herself to be confined to just one pathway to be successful. She has her own way of doing things. Yvonne is her own brand.

This is why she is taking the music industry by storm. It is only a matter of time before Yvonne becomes the huge commercialized phenomenon that Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga has become.  In many ways, Yvonne, who often gets compared to the two artists because of her unique brand of wardrobe attire and comparable vocal skills, is already sitting on the doorsteps of that kind of success.

“For me, it’s about doing what I love, doing what I feel makes sense,” Yvonne said in an exclusive interview with “Regardless of the comparisons, I always try to find my own voice, my own unique touch. Whether you see me or know me or you’ve hear of me, or you’ve never heard of me, once you see it, something about me will grab your attention.

“Whether it’s my sense of fashion, the way I carry myself, the way I talk to people, the way I perform, the way I write my own music, the way I kind of took over my own career and created a direction for myself, I feel like a little bit of me can touch just about anybody. Whether you’re trying to find yourself, whether you’re still trying to find that goal you haven’t achieved, I want to be an inspiration for those set of people.”

That theme song you hear on the hit show, “Go Around” on the CBS hit show “The Mentalist” is sung by Yvonne and has exposed fans of the television sitcom to the vocally-gifted singer. She’s also blown up in the social media universe with more than 175,000 Twitter followers and over 140,000 Facebook fans. When you have that kind of a following you have to be doing something right.

For Yvonne, it is simply taking ownership of everything she does, especially on the music end. But her steady climb to becoming a pop star also has a lot to do with her upbringing and her family linage, she said.

“I feel like a lot of my traditional upbringing and background, especially my heritage, has played a huge role in me being disciplined and me staying grounded and me finding my own voice,” said Yvonne. “As a recording artist, in a sea of so many, I’ve really just taken on the upbringing from my family and being focused because of it. It kind of helped me build my brand, helped build my following that continue to grow every day.”

Yvonne makes it real clear that without the loyal devotion of her fans, she would not be the successful entertainer she is today. Being very active within the social media market where she connect and interact with her followers, have swelled Yvonne’s fan-base. That is something Yvonne does not take for granted.

“As with my fans, I blog with them, I chat with them. I tweet them,” Yvonne said. “I let them know I am here and I am accessible. It’s not like I am above them or anything of that nature, because a lot of artists don’t treat their fans like people who are important or relevant. The fans are the most relevant people of any aspect in your career. I am comfortable in finding my voice in their energy. Their energy is what I feed off of.”

Nenna Yvonne at Pop Con LA at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman

Synergy works both ways. Yvonne’s bubbly and effervescent personality makes her particularly enduring to her fans. She is openly warm and exercises the sincerity of a saint. But don’t confuse Yvonne’s down-to-earth, girl-next-door appeal as a young woman with the drive of a boring stiff. Yvonne is an alluring ball of energy, excitement and sex appeal. But even in that Yvonne believes there is a limit.

With so many artists, especially female performers going over the top these days to get attention spewing out sexually lyrical content and wearing little or bare clothing to show off the natural assets that God gave them,  integrity and values have been lost in the shuffle of entertainment. Sex and more of it has become the norm in the entertainment industry.

There is no way around it. Being sexy is part of showbiz. Yvonne doesn’t roll like that. She believes in the concept of working what you got, but Yvonne also wants to emulate the right image. There has to be boundaries when it comes to that arena. At least it is for her, Yvonne said.

“There’s so much going on around us that we really don’t need to see more negative stuff from female pop artists, especially black female pop artists,” Yvonne said. “We need to see more encouraging, more positive, more uplifting, more optimistic views of female artists. It doesn’t always have to be provocative and sexual, not saying there’s a problem with it because I think it’s great to entertain both sections.

“But limiting that energy to where there isn’t that kind, generous, warm, loving side of pop music is unfair, especially to women of color. Because of all of female pop artists that are relevant right now such as Rhianna and Nicki Minaj, it’s all either sexual or negative or just trashy, and it’s just getting out of control, in my opinion. Someone has to find a voice in all of this chaos. I’m really hoping people will take on that direction.”

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