President Obama Closes the Deal

President Obama closed the deal at the 2012 DNC with a riveting acceptance speech. Photo Courtesy of the White House

Charlotte, N.C.-President Barack Obama accepted his party’s re-nomination by asking those who shared his faith in a future filled with hope” to vote for him in November.”  He asked his supporters to “reject the notion that the nation’s promise is reserved for the few and …….. and that our government is forever beholden to the highest bidder.”

Obama did not offer any new programs or quick fix it plans for the economy and did not forecast any immediate relief for the chronically unemployed. Instead, he focused on the future and laid out a pathway to prosperity.

Obama’s speech was the capstone of a case for the President’s reelection that had been carefully constructed over the course of three evenings worth of speeches by elected officials, business leaders, and the rainbow of citizens and their stories.  They all vouched for the President Obama’s character. First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech Tuesday night, reminded us of his story and told us he was still on our side, he understood us, cared about us and believed in us because he was just like us.

After this reintroduction and humble reminder of why We The People elected him in 2008, the other speeches coming from this year’s DNC, detailed President Obama’s accomplishments over the first three years in the Oval Office. President Obama’s achievements have been many, including putting the brakes on the free-fall of the economy and bringing it all the way back from the depths of the Great Recession with 29 straight months of job growth.

During this time equal pay for women legislation was passed, the financial industry stabilized, General Motors and Chrysler Corp. were saved from extinction along with one million auto industry related jobs.  President Obama ended the war in Iraq and hunted down, found and killed Osama Bin Laden.  Democrats also touted the Affordable Care Act and dared Republicans to continue their talk of repealing its benefits.

Finally, on Wednesday night, former President Bill Clinton reminded us where the country had come from and where we are today, and declared we were in fact better off than we were when President Obama first took office.  Clinton also broke down the complexities of the argument for Obamacare and destroyed the lies and distortions about health care policy being promulgated by the President’s enemies.

Throughout the first two days and into Thursday, Democrats continued their assault on Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s character and his lack of understanding of middle class values and aspirations.  So when President Obama finally spoke on Thursday, he had only to put the icing on the cake by restating what he has been saying for the past three years.

President Obama remains hopeful about the future and have faith in the American people that we will continue to move forward as we have always done, generation after generation.  He reinforced all the previous speakers who said they did not want to go back to refight the battles for voting rights, women’s rights and the freedom to be who you are and dream the American dream.

In the coming days, every word of President Obama’s nomination acceptance speech will continue to be under the microscope and scrutinized. And while his critics try to dissect every word of his speech to voters, President Obama will continue to articulate  the message of choice to the American people for the future of this country.

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