Mitt Romney’s “47 Percent” Remarks Not Very Presidential

Did I say that? Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, here speaking at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National Convention, had an oops moment with his “47 percent” comments. Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman

Mitt Romney makes Sarah Palin look like the smart one. That makes it two presidential elections in a row for the Republican Party. First, it was Palin and her off-the-chart incapability of locating her geographic intellect when it came to knowing where Russia is located. Now we have the blundering, stumbling mess that used to represent the state of Massachusetts as governor.

Talk about a “Dumb and Dumber” replay. Palin at least had the good sense not to insult half of America when she was John McCain’s running mate during the 2008 election. As the 2008 vice president candidate, Palin drowned out her wannabe rock star status because she failed to connect with voters outside of individuals who know how to take down a moose with a buck shot.

Romney, on the other hand, resemble the latest in arrogance, blind stupidity and racist ignorance after a secretly recorded videotape caught the Republican Party presidential candidate cow-towing to a group of donors with remarks that tells the American people-at half of them, anyway-it is not in his job description to worry about them.

It wasn’t enough for Romney to insult Russia, Israel and the Palestinian people. Now he’s telling half of the American population that we’re nothing but a bunch of welfare-grabbing, shoe-shining bootlickers afraid to stand up and take responsibility for our own lives.

According to Romney’s own intellectual interpretation, 47 percent of us Americans sit around on our front yard porch all day, grab some moonshine whiskey, smoke a cigar or two, toss aside paying our taxes and wait every two weeks for Daddy (federal government) to send us our allowance in the mail.

Apparently, Romney got jokes, the kind of jokes that only people like him think is funny. Perhaps Romney was trying to lay down the ground work for a successful comedic career once this election cycle is over when he made the comments that nearly half of the United States see themselves as “victims” and is “dependent” on the federal government while speaking at a May Republican Party fundraising event.

Maybe Romney thought he was auditioning for a skit on “Saturday Night Live” when he stated that those 47 percent of Americans believe that they’re “entitled” to food, housing and healthcare handed out by the federal government. He then plundered into ignorant abyss when he laughed and joked with those closed door bigots that he may have had a better shot at winning the election if he was born Hispanic.

Somebody forgot to hand Romney the punch line because this stand-up routine isn’t funny. But are we really surprised that Romney is capable of uttering such blanket racist remarks? Romney, after all, is the same cat who served in the Mormon Church as a bishop. In case you were wondering, yeah the same Mormon Church that has demonized and discriminated against African Americans. Heck, at one point, black people weren’t even allowed to step foot into a Mormon Church.

And this is the guy that is supposed to represent the entire rainbow coalition that is called the United States if he becomes president? Who are we kidding here? Let’s call a spade-a spade. It’s time to call it is just as we see it. Romney is more suited to replace Ken as Barbie’s doll toy boyfriend as oppose to being the leader of the free world.  Sooner or later, political candidates reveal themselves. Romney just showed us his true colors.

And they don’t represent the red, white and blue of our flag. In Romney’s case, the colors are more along the lines of green, gold and silver. There is nothing wrong with being rich. There is a whole of people who wish they could have a fraction of the kind of money that Romney has. But you don’t have to tear down one group of people to uplift another set of individuals. That’s exactly what Romney did in his now most famous sound bites.

And just what set of people was Romney referring to when he essentially told his stonewall audience that 47 percent of the country are nothing more than a bunch of thieving, conniving beggars with their hands out looking for somebody else to take care of them? Was it African Americans that he had in mind? Did Romney aim his comments at the Hispanic population?

Was he going after the LGBT community? How about blue-collar working whites? Maybe it was the nation’s drought-suffering farmers Romney decided to take a poke at? Is Romney ticked at America’s auto industry, which was able to make a robust recovery without his strategy to privatize it? It looks to me Romney took a maddening and unforgivable swipe at the middle class with his reckless comments. By sticking both of his feet in his mouth, it looks like Romney can’t relate to anyone except with those in the same income bracket as he is in.

And to think that President Barack Obama’s critics slam him for having an alleged elitist attitude. Where’s the Tea Party when you need them?

This will not play out well for Romney or the Republican Party come November.  Like it or not, Romney is the face of the Republican Party.  And with those ill-advised comments, many people with reasonable sense will be able to connect Romney and other members of the Republican Party together as having the same mindset about them and their issues. Some media pundits have declared that Romney as out of touch with the comments he made.

I beg to differ. Romney is out-of-pocket, meaning he knew what he was saying, how he was saying it and who he was saying it to when he issued those statements. Accountability is everything when an individual runs for political office, particularly the highest office in the land. So far, Romney has showed none. What he’s shown us is that he plans to govern half of the United States if he becomes president. The other 47 percent of the country will just be on our own looking for a hand out.



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