The Roadmap to Prosperity

President Barack Obama needs the Democratic Party to stand up and be counted./

When I heard the talking heads ridiculing President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, I wondered what convention they were watching. He did not need any lofty rhetoric or inspiring incantations for his base to get motivated or to satisfy the pundits. By the time he spoke to the American people, those of us who attending the DNC and the people around the country who had been watching the convention, were already motivated.

Tuesday’s opening night message by the Democratic Party was delivered with emphasis by all the evening’s speakers and set the tone of what was to come. Julian Castro electrified the crowd with his energy-charged keynote address. The message got louder and clearer  when First Lady Michelle Obama eloquently and emotionally summed up the President’s agenda for America.

Mrs. Obama told us that President Obama is with us, he cares about us and he wants to make sure that  everyone in this country who has the desire, who works hard, who prepares themselves, has the opportunity the succeed, even beyond their dreams, just as he has done.  He has lived the life that we live, he is us.  “He has our back, we need to have his,” Mrs. Obama told a nationally-televised audience.

That was enough motivation for the Democratic Party base  and for anybody else not sure how they will vote in November, to rally around.  Job well done!

Former President Clinton’s speech and the whole second evening of the convention was devoted to President Obama’s accomplishments in his nearly four years in the Oval Office. There is a long  list of accomplishments the Obama Administration have achieved, even as the other side tries to say that this is a failed administration.  President Obama saved the entire world financial system from collapse, ended the Iraq war, saved the U.S. automobile industry, passed equal pay for equal work,  put health care reform into law and took out Osama bin Laden.

Former President Bill Clinton broke down the lies and distortions from the other side and gave us and those watching on television, the real facts, the important talking points and declared you are damned right we are better off now than we were four years ago.  I don’t think you will hear the other side bringing up where we were four years ago again in this campaign.

They are going to be forced to talk about the path forward.  This is where President Obama needs to be.

I thought President Obama’s speech was exactly the one he needed to give.  He did not need to give us platitudes and high sounding rhetoric; he needed to give us the path forward to prosperity.  He was serious in tone and in delivery.  We are at a serious point in our history, especially for the working middle class, historically oppressed minorities, women, immigrants and the LGBT communities.

If we do not seize this moment at this time and redirect our country on a pathway that offers opportunity, we will end up like Europe with an aristocracy that is well off and everybody else. President Obama’s acceptance speech lays out the plan to take us forward to a new economy.  He has articulated these plans before and as a matter of fact he has repeatedly laid before us the elements of this plan for recovery that will address economic growth and employment.

President Obama will be speaking about these plans over and over around the country for the next two months, and the other side will have to respond with a credible competing plan or they will be buried in a landslide. Saying everything is President Obama’s fault, therefore, elect us-is not going to work.

In summary, President Obama’s plan includes government support of research and development in science and technology and industries that promise to create jobs in the U.S. and exports abroad; reducing oil imports and the trade deficit by increasing auto fuel standards, developing alternative fuels, retrofitting old facilities and building new energy efficient ones and developing domestic natural gas; and raising educational standards nationwide, lowering the cost of college, and expanding other training opportunities to prepare workers for the jobs of tomorrow.

These initiatives will lay the groundwork for a better future, create jobs and will be paid for by the war dividend, internal savings and tax increases. Keep listening to President Obama as he fills out these initiatives over the next 60 days.