Denzel Washington Discusses “Flight”


“Flight” star Denzel Washington and movie co-star Don Cheadle. Photo courtesy of Paramount Studious

Denzel Washington along with his co-stars attended a press conference the next day following the premiere of his latest action movie “Flight.” Washington took a series of questions from journalists who attended the junket.

Journalist: In real life if someone died on the plane that you loved, would you agree with the prison term that your character was handed for flying that plane?

DW: “I believed I deserved more prison time. I actually believe the number was to low, I should’ve gotten more prison time at least 20 years.”

Journalist: After saving lives in this action movie, do you think the Airline  labeled you as a hero?

DW: “I think that they were just trying to cover their own behinds, is what it was, so I don’t know so much if they thought he was just a great hero, as it was they needed him to be one in order to fulfill their agenda.”

Journalist: In the hospital scene when the tears were rolling down your face, what state of mind were you in to do that scene?

DW: “It’s kind of hard for me to answer that question because I really don’t analyze what I’m doing when I’m acting. But the state of mind doesn’t set in until everybody is gone. Then you start to think about those things, like what happened, why am I here.”

Journalist: As many movies that you’ve been in, do you ever wake up in the morning and think about a movie you have played in, what do you think about when you wake up in the morning?

DW: “For some reason I’m always dreaming that I’m in a city going underneath bridges and water. I’m always close to a train and water, somehow I always manage to make my way down underneath something. And I don’t know what this means.”

Journalist: You had some really tough scenes, what helped you get through those tough places?

DW: “The only tough spots for me was pictures I didn’t want to be on (Laughs).  This movie was pretty easy. But  I would say the most pain for me was when I went to my ex-wife’s house and had an altercation with my son.”

“Flight” is in theaters on Nov.2.

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