Denzel Soars High in “Flight”

Two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington delivers big-time in “Flight.” Photo courtesy of Paramount Studios

Denzel Washington played a very intense character (Captain Whip Whitaker) in his new movie, “Flight.” Washington is one of the best actors in Hollywood and the versatile actor proved once again why he’s an Oscar nomination nominee. There are several scenes Washington is in that tips the scale with a provocative rawness to them. A couple of scenes played out by Washington were almost too raw.

Washington, like he always does, brings his A-game to this stellar roller-coaster drama, playing the character Whitaker to perfection. Just like “Training Day,” which earned him an Academy Award as Best Actor, Washington goes outside out of his character’s persona to make the movie come to life.

Like in “Training Day,” Washington’s character is not exactly the kind of person you would necessarily root for or bring home to mother.

The Robert Zemeckis film was about a great pilot who appeared to be a drug, sex and alcoholic addict who couldn’t take control of his life. Washington in the starting role as a SouthJet airline pilot was put in a life threatening situation. He had to land a flight that appeared to be having major mechanical problems while flying in the air.

After coming to work drunk and exhausted from the night before, it seemed as if landing a plane safely would be impossible. But that wasn’t the case. There is much drama going on aboard the aircraft with trails of illegal substances all over the place. At one point in the film during all the excitement, Whitaker is flying the plane upside down, causing fear among the passengers that something wasn’t right.

Whitaker, who is clearly a stone alcoholic, shocked all the passengers aboard the place with a miracle-light landing, saving ninety-six passengers out of 100 on board. While some people might be in a complete shock with Washington’s character played in the live action movie-there’s no need to panic. His reputation won’t be damaged.

Whitaker is be labeled as a hero, despite being investigated and convicted for having drugs in his system while flying a 45-minute flight to Atlanta during the movie.

At the end of the day, this film has a superb message for people struggling with some type of addiction, be it substance abuse, sexual behavior or other ailments, Washington name is also getting a lot of buzz for Oscar consideration, thanks to his herculean acting performance. “Flight” opens nationwide in theaters this weekend.

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