The Death Throes

Does Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are stuck back in time. Photo Credit: Dennis Freeman/

We are witnessing the death throes of an America dominated by white males.  This is why we have the Tea Party.  This is why the Koch Brothers said in June they would personally raise $400 million to defeat President Obama.  This is why we see the blatantly obscene race baiting in Mitt Romney’s campaign.

He is trying to drive up the white voter turnout to counter what is expected to be a massive turnout of black and Hispanic voters for President Obama on November 6, 2012. Barak Obama’s election to the Presidency in 2008 so shocked the white guys left in the Republican Party, they had to send out the alarm.  They called all hands on deck to save their country.

Problem was, the only people left to call on were the racist bigots left over from the Jim Crow era, the radical evangelical Christian anti-abortionists, adherents to the gold standard and balanced budgets and climate change deniers. These disparate groups finally had a reason to band together to save the country from minorities and illegal immigrants, baby killers, bankruptcy and dictatorship.

The reason was the Black President occupying the White House who symbolized all that was going wrong with America.  They took over the Republican Party and cast out any and every one willing to work with the President to get the country out of recession.

Given the makeup of the current Republican Party, it should not be surprising that 51% of Republican presidential primary voters believed the President was born abroad and even today 39% of Republicans believe the President is a Muslim.  They will not accept a Black President and will glom on to any reason to justify his illegitimacy.

President Barack Obama is looking to move the country forward if he is reelected. Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman/

It should not be surprising that these men are so strongly anti-abortion that even if a young white girl is raped and is impregnated they want to force her to have a baby. According to the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, white women obtain 60% of all abortions while minority babies outnumbered white newborns in 2011 for the first time in U.S. history.

It should not be surprising that these men are also concerned about government spending and the national debt.  They have most of the nation’s wealth. The median wealth of white households ($113,149) is 20 times that of black households ($5,577) and 18 times that of Hispanic households ($6,325), according to a Pew Research Center analysis of government data from 2009.

They do not want their and their children’s wealth redistributed to minority households through “entitlement” programs and higher taxes. When the death those subside, the era of white male control will have peaked.  It is inevitable that the United States of the twentieth century will be replaced by the United States of the twenty-first century.

This new century will have a much more culturally diverse, tolerant and younger population who are not going to accept a continuation of the current wealth disparity.  As Ben Franklin said in the eighteenth century, “in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.”

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