Oscars Readies Itself for Big Night

Media behind the scenes as the Academy Awards gets ready for its big night. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman
Media behind the scenes as the Academy Awards gets ready for its big night. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman

HOLLYWOOD-The Academy Awards is the pinnacle of all red carpet events. It is an international showcase of glamour, fashion and stars. The 85th Academy Awards will no doubt add to the hypnotic allure of the Granddaddy of all red carpet events.

When people around the world turn on their television sets they see a special festival taking place with the backdrop of beauty and star power that is aptly represented by A-listing celebrities, high-tier individuals that many people would love to be able to see up close and touch for one second.

The Oscars is the paparazzi’s Super Bowl, the Megatron of all Hollywood galas. But what many don’t see is all of the arduous work that goes into making the entertainment industry’s Grand Slam event into the special evening it has become for eight decades. Crane operators work overtime propping signs and moving frame structures with deliberate urgency.

Rolling out the famous red carpet, hordes of media gather around to snap up photos, while passing onlookers gawk at the happening. Carpenters are busy plastering all the right signs in the right places and running around doing all sorts of laborious tasks. It is a scene of relentless and around-the-clock work. There is no glamour putting together this show. It is all business.

There is no Daniel Day-Lewis, Anne Hathaway or Jamie Foxx to take pictures of. Directors Steven Spielberg and Quentin Taratino aren’t hanging out at the scene. The only photo opportunity for tourists to savior is the huge picture likeness of Oscars’ host Seth MacFarlane that towers over the corner of Hollywood and Highland like a giant meteor, eclipsing the rest of the sky background.

During the week leading up to the big night, the Oscars become a venue of preparation. It is about the machines grinding out the right holes where nails can be hammered in and setting in place all of the correct structures in making the Academy Awards the grand spectacle it has become. The rollout of the red carpet in itself a notable process in itself as workers cut, snip, and bang and skirt the precious red material where the footsteps of the famous will trample their feet while posing for pictures and participate in red carpet interviews.

The makeover is amazing. The transformation of the ordinary to the extraordinary is nothing short of spectacular. But then again, the Academy Awards is no ordinary event.  Throughout the week, the Academy Awards is a makeshift of labor, sweat and tears. On the day of the show, the Oscars become the revered entity we have all come to know.


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