Clippers’ Blake Griffin is Playing Lights Out

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers goes airborne against the Detroit Pistons. Photo Credit: Jon Gaede/
Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers goes airborne against the Detroit Pistons. Photo Credit: Jon Gaede/

Los Angeles-Griffin was clearly on a mission after filling up the stat sheet recording his first triple-double since April 13, 2011. Griffin lit up the Milwaukee Bucks for 23 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists in the Clippers 117-101 win. Griffin then followed up that dominant outing with a follow-up performance of 22 points and eight rebounds against the Detroit Pistons on Sunday at Staples Center in the team’s 129-97 rout. Clearly, Griffin is on a roll and is beginning to play his best ball of the season-if that can be said.

He’s been outstanding all year. But he’s upped the ante of his play in recent games. Griffin particularly made the victory over the Bucks a memorable one. It’s safe to say that he went bonkers. After coming close to triple-doubles game after game, he finally sealed the deal before the end of the season.

“He’s doing everything. He’s finding people, he’s making huge plays, Jamal Crawford said about Griffin after the win against Milwaukee. He demands a lot of attention down there so he’s getting doubled-teamed and kicking out to our shooters. He’s making the right plays all of the time.”

The time has finally arrived and Griffin is showing the non-believers that not only will he dunk in your face, but he can spread his wings all over the hardwood floor. We don’t get the pleasure to see games like this from Griffin often, but when we do we’ve to give him praise. As we all know, Griffin is a special player and when he puts up numbers similar to his gifted teammate Chris Paul- they’ll make it troublesome for any opponent.

“Griffin is capable of delivering these types of numbers on a regular basis,” Paul said. He does such a great job of finding that next open guy. When we’re playing like that, guys don’t know whether to help or let him dunk.”

The Clippers have so many players on their team that can bring a different style of play each game. Every player is different. Their loaded roster is like taking a kid to the candy store, sweet. But with the playoffs just weeks away the biggest concern will be, can the Clippers make noise during the postseason?

They most definitely have the talent and some of the biggest hearts in the NBA.

With Griffin finding his confidence and getting comfortable making plays all over the floor- teams might want to beware of what Clipper Nation will have up their sleeves come May. Paul is already problematic with one of the smartest basketball brains and if Griffin continues to prove he can be a playmaker on the floor, teams will have to go back to their defensive playbook and readjust quickly.


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