A ‘Bounce’ and a Smooch to Stardom

Brittany Smooch is a rising star in the hip hop world.
Brittany Smooch is a rising star in the hip hop world.

Brittany Smooch is the real deal. In the realm of the music and entertainment industry the words talent and potential are synonymous with each other.  Well, the hypnotic 18-year-old Smooch, who hails from Manhattan, New York, has already arrived.

If Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are the rave today as far as hip hop artists go, Smooch won’t be too long behind them in sharing the spotlight with these two megastars.

Already featured in Vibe magazine, the hip hop word of truth, Smooch has the gab, the looks and the swag to take her career to the level of superstardom. In the entertainment business, the use of superstardom is oftentimes over-the-top and undeserved praise for mediocre talent.

Smooch does not fit in either of those categories. She’s got game. She’s got soul. And yes, she’s all that and a bag of chips.

Performing since the age of four, Smooch rocks the mike much the same way LeBron James handles his business on the basketball court. Listening to the infectiously-tinged “(Booty) Bounce,” track, the hype surrounding this young star is all good.

Growing up with hip hop and rap music on her mind, Smooch has the rhythm, the beats and rhymes and style to put some of her male counterparts to shame.

Last month, Smooch released her first EP titled, Smooch, to digital outlets including iTunes and has been touring throughout California to local high schools. Smooch has been such a recognizable talent that she landed her first record deal at 16.

The headliner on Lady T Records, Smooch will be coming on strong soon on the airwaves and in the clubs across the country. Pretty soon Smooch, a lifelong hip hop fan, thanks to the influences of the late Eazy E, Lil’ Kim, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, and Shania Twain, just might be drawing as much attention to herself as Fergie, the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas, an artist she admires.

Brittany Smooch with hip hop crooner Ne-Yo.
Brittany Smooch with hip hop crooner Ne-Yo.

News4usonline.com caught up with Smooch to talk to her about her budding success and what’s in store for her.

News4usonline.com: Talk about your latest single?

Smooch: “I just released an EP. I have five singles out right now.”

News4usonline.com: Is there a favorite song that you really like?

Smooch: “That’s hard because I love all of them so much, but they’re all really different. Like, I have this single called “Bounce” that I really love. It’s a rap kind of song. It’s hip hop dancing, and bouncing your booty. I have this love song that I really like, too. It’s called “Hostage.” It’s about breaking up and wanting to free.”

News4usonline.com: Has all of this it been overwhelming for you?

Smooch: “I love it. It’s fun. When things are happening I want to be overwhelmed. I want it to be crazy.”

News4usonline.com: Has this been sort of a whirlwind for you?

Smooch: “It’s really crazy. I just feel really blessed and lucky. I know if I keep working hard I’ll get what I want.”

News4usonline.com: What has it been like trying to be normal as a teenager?

Smooch: “It was hard because I had to be home-schooled as well as supporting my album and stuff. So I didn’t get to hang out. I had to be in the studio all night and sleep all day. It gets really lonely. But I love it. It’s all worth it when you hear your song on the radio and when your fans tweet and say they love you. It makes it all worth it.”

News4usonline.com: As an artist, is it hard for you to create?

Smooch: “Whenever I go into the studio to create a song I always have an idea of what I want.”

News4usonline.com: Describe “(Booty) Bounce.”

Smooch: “I was actually at home and I had my girlfriends over, and we were dancing and stuff and I said I needed a song that I can shake my booty to. I was actually with my producer (hip hop writer Earl) Hayes. He’s kind of like my brother. I said, ‘Hayes, we need to start a song right now. He said, ‘Alright, let’s do it.’”

“We were looking on my computer and we found a beat and it happened just like that. I knew what I wanted. I said, “I need to do this right now.”

News4usonline.com: Who are you most often compared to?

Smooch: “A lot of people compare me to Fergie (Black Eyed Peas). I love Fergie, so I love that. I love everything about her. I love her style. I love her music. I just think she’s awesome. I haven’t met her, but I would love to meet her. If I had a chance to make a song with Fergie, I would die.”

News4usonline.com: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Smooch: “If I had to take one genre to describe myself I like electronic hip hop as my genre, because it’s a little mixed with everything.

News4usonline.com: What do you have playing in your iPod?

Smooch: “I have everything. I’m into all kinds of things. I listen to old school music. I love Nicki Minaj. I have a lot of everything. Eazy E is my favorite rapper. He’s my favorite. ODB. I love it all.”

News4usonline.com: When you did you start listening to rap music?

Smooch: “My mom actually listens to rap music, so do my aunt, my sister. So my whole life I’ve been listening to rap music. I love music and I love that type of music so much that I like telling stories. I like to listen to other people’s stories. I think that made me want to do rap because I have a lot of stories I want to get out there. My songs are a lot like girl power, being girls, what we go through-boys wanting to be cute and stuff like that.”

For more information on Brittany Smooch, check her out on BrittanySmooch.comTwitter and, Facebook.














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