Athletes Hit their Comfort Zone at the GBK Gift Lounge

Point guard Peyton Silva, who guided the Louisville Cardinals to the national championship in men's basketball, chills out on a Technogel Sleeping pillow.
Point guard Peyton Silva, who guided the Louisville Cardinals to the national championship in men’s Division I basketball, chills out on a Technogel Sleeping pillow and bed. Photo: Dennis J. Freeman

HOLLYWOOD-Athletes are always looking to gain an edge over their peers. Former NFL running back and now ESPN analyst Merril Hoge likes the comfort Fruit of the Loom apparel gives him when he works out. Point guard Peyton Silva, who guided the Louisville Cardinals to the men’s Division I basketball championship this spring, manages to keep his game face on when he has a chance to play some of the hottest video games out on the market.

That also goes for Jacksonville Jaguars star tight end Marcedes Lewis and Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Cortez Allen, both of whom get giddy over playing video games. Silva, Lewis, Allen and other NFL ballers hit paydirt when they stopped by the table of MHL at the GBK Pre-Awards Lounge prior to the 2013 ESPY Awards to get the latest in video technology.

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), a revolutionary technology product that could take those that enjoy the gaming world to another level of video pleasure and excitement, had a lot of the buzz going on at the GBK Pre-Awards Lounge, which was hosted at the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood. Silva, Lewis and Allen, all gushed over the product. Lewis, a Long Beach Poly High and UCLA football star before embarking on a successful NFL career with the Jaguars, was especially ecstatic about the product.

It’s pretty easy to see why.

Jacksonville Jaguars Marcedes Lewis hanging out at the GBK Pre-Awards Lounge. Photo: Dennis J. Freeman
Jacksonville Jaguars Marcedes Lewis hanging out at the GBK Pre-Awards Lounge at the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood. Photo: Dennis J. Freeman

For avid gamers, MHL is the new technology sheriff in town, allowing smartphones and tablets to function as a multimedia player by connecting those devises to a home display object like your high-definition or digital television.

Silva, Lewis and Allen were just snippets of the number of professional athletes, particularly NFL players, making their way to locate products that they thought would be beneficial to them. Another Long Beach Poly High football product, Brian Banks,  made his presence felt as soon as he walked through the building.

Banks, who signed with the Atlanta Falcons during the offseason, garnered worldwide attention upon his release from prison last year after spending time locked up from being falsely accused of sexual assaulting a girl he knew while in high school, beamed a gigantic smile as he weaved his way through athletic product stops like Bill Romanowski’s Nutrition53 Lean1 healthy shake table.

Former Chicago Bears and NFL star Willie Gault and Utah Jazz first round draft pick Trey Burke both got a kick out of hanging out at the spot. Since gaming is the thing for the 21st Century athlete, provides athletes and celebrities with a real, full-blown interpretation of their favorite game experiences right in their own homes.

But an athletic gift lounge wouldn’t be what it is without apparel manufacturers making their own statements to the athlete. And when it comes to that, The Marena Group’s Athletics8 garment apparel is what’s up. The chic feel and sleet body armor of Athletics8 had Utah Jazz star Demare Carroll picking up and collecting a few items from that line.

This is the beauty of a GBK Productions gift lounge. GBK Productions puts on a spectacular show at all times for all of their clients. Whether it’s glamour time of the Academy Awards to catering to the needs of the athlete, GBK’s niche of specializing in the gifting to their clients is unmatched. The staff at GBK Productions know what they are doing, which is why their gift lounges are so popular with celebrities and athletes alike.

All the athletes that came in to the GBK Pre-Awards Lounge had a need to improve their lifestyle, whether it was sleeping comfort, finding the right athletic gear to wear and workout with or simply equipping themselves with the lifestyle fling of hitting the golf course with high-tech golf clubs from iLinks. This is what getting an edge is about for an athlete.

Getting an edge could be as simple as outdressing the next person on the red carpet or getting the right nutritional supplements for their body to intake.  Getting the jump over the next guy or gal could be as simplistic as snuggling themselves with the correct body wear that provides comfort and gives them the flexibility to showcase their hardened physiques.

Olympic skier Rory Bushfield with a couple of Laker Girls cheerleaders. Photo: Dennis J. Freeman
Olympic skier Rory Bushfield with a couple of Laker Girls cheerleaders. Photo: Dennis J. Freeman

Getting those bodies in the shape that only the best of the best can attain takes a certain workout ethic. It also takes the right athletic equipment for the athlete to train with. Athletes, particularly professionals who carve their world in and out of the workout room or gym, putting them on par or above the next person could be just escaping the moment of physical stress and duress by putting on a pair of rocking earphones and listening to the music they love.

Getting proper rest on sound sleeping material is another bonus professional athletes have a need for. An athlete with a strained neck muscle or one that suffers an unfortunate back injury will have a need for super comfortable bedding equipment, from pillow to bedding, to help them to get well.

In fact, it is essential to the hard-driving athlete that they understand the way they sleep can impact their performance. It does the superstar athlete no good to go home and sleep on a no-spring  mattress or lay their head on a flat pillow and wound up with a crooked neck.

So when you see someone like San Francisco 49ers  star defensive end Aldon Smith realxing on a Technogel Sleeping bed and rocking a memory foam-based pillow to take home, it is easy to understand why the specialty of a GBK Productions gift lounge exists.

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