Killing Trayvon Martin All Over Again

georgezimmerman_zpsae963500Michael Vick gets sent to prison for fighting dogs. U.S. traitor Eric Snowden commits acts of treason and is allowed to hang out with our enemies. George Zimmerman stalks and kills a black boy and gets to walk as a free man. Nothing has changed in this country, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

America is till the racist, self-glorified plantation it has always been.

The mostly all-white women jury only reaffirmed America’s ongoing disregard for the life of black people through the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict of killing Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman’s murder trial was this nation’s history re-visited.

This case was about race. It always has been. The timing of the jury’s verdict is reflective of that.

What we saw transpire was an Emmett Till moment from the all-women jury. Till was kidnapped from a relative’s  home in the wee hours of the night in Mississippi in 1995 by white marauders. Their interpretation of justice was to torture and brutally kill the 14-year-old black boy for his alleged whistling at a white women.

The white men accused of killing Till was later exonerated by an all-white jury.

The mostly all-white jurors in the Zimmerman trial gave a similar message to Martin’s broken parents. What those jurors did to Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, and other black parents around this nation, was no different than what those white intruders did to Till or what all those white supremacists used to do when they raided the homes of black people in the middle of the night.

They induced terror and fear. Those jurors served a chilling reminder to black Americans that justice does not include us.

What that jury did was send the message to black America that our children’s lives aren’t worth a can of iced tea and a bag of skittles. They said Trayvon Martin deserved to die. The jurors came to the maddening conclusion that all of Martin’s 17 years on this earth didn’t mean spit.

Every black parent in America has got to be in fear for their children’s lives now.  In just two days of deliberations, the jury said it is okay to profile an individual, follow him like prey and go in for the kill. Zimmerman’s killing of Martin was like sport hunting.

Yet jurors gave the two thumbs up for Zimmerman and other potential racially-motivated killers for it to be open season to murder black people and get away with it. The jury emphatically told black America that black children should be looking over their shoulders at all times because the power to live and die do not rest in their hands.

The jury’s memo to the free world of releasing a killer back into society says lookout out  black kids, because anyone suspicious of what they wear and their actions can roll up on them at any time and snuff out their existence without any type of consequences.

What the jury said  here says just go ahead and have you some fun…and if you happen to kill one of them darkies, we’ve got your back. So what if they are not in the middle of committing a crime? What difference does it make if they are unarmed? Who cares if they’re walking around in their community minding their own business?

The jury basically said you can kill a black person and enjoy the rest of your life. To show the disparity of the justice system, there are people who stare down the possibility of jail time because of traffic tickets.  The jury gave Zimmerman his life back. Martin’s parents are left to mourn knowing their son’s killer is back out on the streets free to take another black child’s life.

Martin had the right to walk back to his father’s house. He had the right to be a teenager. He had the right to wear whatever he wanted to wear. He had the right to live. Out of his own hatred and ill-will, Zimmerman revoked that right by taking the law into his own hands and the barrel of a 9mm gun.

From the bottoms of slavery to the atrocities of Jim Crow to Martin’s unacceptable death, black America has always been asked to forgive all of the hideous transgressions committed against us. Forgiveness has its place. Right now is  the time for action.

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