TQ Is A Bad Man…

TQ "Mr. Westside"

Indeed..the Westside is still–the best side.  And with TQ’s “Bad Man” Remix Featuring The Young Mores killing radio stations from here to Albuquerque, it’s easy to remember why.

Yes ladies and gentleman Mr. Westside is back with more street, and more soul, to add to this game of Hip Hop.  His band and musical proteges Corbin Howard and Brandon Stewart are The Young Mores and together they create a sound that tickles the ear drum into wanting more.

Listen to what they had to say about the importance of Hip Hop quality vs. quantity, knowing one’s history, and grassroot’s success.

Melvinna: Congrats you guys on your latest single. Two weeks and 228,522 views on YouTube already,huh?

TQ: Yeah, thanks so much.

Melvinna: My favorite line in the song is [singing] black soul comin out the radio…

Corbin: Ha! Yeah!

TQ: [Laughing] Exactly.  That’s exactly what we’re here for.

Melvinna:  Now you know I’m lovin the black and white video, the Chuck Taylors, and Bad Man T-shirts…

TQ: Initially we were giving the t-shirts away at various promotional events, but we found out that they were great conversational pieces to the new project.  People would always come up to us and ask us Where’d you get that shirt from? Where’d you get that shirt from? So, all the promoters we were using would refer the people to the website printed on the back of the shirts.  Bomani Story, the video director,  and Outlier Entertainment decided to use them in the video–just like Coca-Cola would do, product placement.

Melvinna: How long has TQ and The Young Mores been recording together?

Brandon: The Young Mores, me and Corbin been knowing TQ since we were little, but this is actually our first single together.  So its kinda cool doing something with someone we looked up to for so long, and actually now getting a chance to work with him.

TQ: And the trippy part about this whole move is The Young Mores are a band–they’re basically the leaders of my band.  Brandon is the musical director and Corbin is the front man.  And the way I see it, it’s time to bring them out from the background and make them apart of the show, and apart of the shine because they’re good.  Finally we have rappers that ain’t 40 years old talking about something positive.

Melvinna: Nice..

TQ:  These guys ain’t all drugged up, alcoholics either.  They ain’t stupid.  They’re very intelligent.  Corbin is a senior at Howard University, right Corbin?

Corbin: Yeah, this is my last year out there.

Melvinna: Oh. Wow! You go boy!

TQ:  Yeah, this whole thing with us is all born out of basically my manager’s program which is called National College Student Mentoring where she basically gets inner-city youth into college.  We all come from that program in one way or another.  I think its a good talking piece that proves to the youth that it’s possible to not be an idiot and still be a musician.

Brandon:  Exactly.

Melvinna:  Now that leads me into my next question because of the term ‘moor’.  Whose idea was it to name the band ‘The Young Mores’ considering the historical and controversial context of the term?

TQ: [Laughs]

Brandon: [Laughs] We’ll let Corbin answer that question.

Corbin: Well, I’m kind of obsessed with the Moors of Spain in a historical context. The Moors of Spain years ago introduced Europe to the arts and sciences, and it was really culturally uplifting for me.  I feel like, today, a lot of our black youth don’t have stuff to look up to like that, like heroes, and not even in the historical context.  So, I kind of wanted to integrate that with the name ‘moor’ to kind of reflect that we’re bringing a lot of light and a lot of culture back into Hip Hop.

TQ: We’re bringing more to Hip Hop!

Corbin: Yeah, we’re bringing more to Hip Hop–and our intent is not to bring any direct connections to anything religious, so that’s why we changed the spelling of the name and hopefully we can add a positive meaning to it.

TQ: To be honest when they first began, their name was the Young Moors, like you said.  But that was kind of my idea to give the name a two-fold meaning opposed to just categorizing them as just ‘moors.’ I think Hip Hop needs more from the young people that are performing these days, so we’re trying to bring ‘The Young Mores’ to change all that.

Melvinna: The sound you guys created is definitely a unique and infectious sound that draws you in begging for more.  Do you have any plans to collaborate that sound with any other artists?

TQ: Well, we’re getting ready to start on their record now.  These guys work collectively and they also have another band called “High Class.” The Young Mores is one of the many projects that these men are involved in.  They play and are constantly performing all over the place.  Nobody really sounds like them.  They have their own thing, you know, and I think the sound that they bring is what’s missing from Hip Hop.

Brandon: Indeed.  We have a lot of good stuff coming.  Me and Corbin, for the past month, have been in the studio everyday so look forward to some innovative stuff coming from us.

Melvinna: Where you guys from?

Corbin: I’m originally from Inglewood, California but I’ve spent most of my life in Chino Hills, California.  Oh yeah, we keep it West Coast.

Melvinna: Alright, well I’m from Compton.  Poinsettia and Rosecrans  Avenue. You know!

TQ: You already know! [Laughs]

Melvinna: [Laughing] Oh yeah, I’m in the know.  Is anybody working on any other projects we should know about?

TQ: I’m actually working with Toni Braxton, right now.  She’s getting ready to make a comeback and I’ve been slated to write with her, so we’ll see what happens with that.

Corbin: The High Class music group and I will be performing at the Santa Ana Observatory in the Constellation Room on August 13, 2013.

Melvinna: Alright, I will definitely be in attendance.  Will y’all be performing the Bad Man Remix in California anytime soon?

TQ: We’re currently working on putting shows together for August and September.

Melvinna: Okay, cool. Is there anything else you want your fans to know about?

TQ: I’m a firm believer in the grassroots way of getting yourself out there.  We need as many people as possible talking about this record and ‘The Young Mores’–so definitely I want you to click the link to the video, share it, and make comments.

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